Love is in the air for the peeps of the O.C.  Vicki Gunvalson is still head over stripper heels for the walking Hallmark card known as Brooks Ayers, and her Real Housewives of Orange County nemesis Gretchen Rossi is still gaga for househusband and whipping boy Slade Smiley.  Can I get a collective "awwwww…."? 

The relationships between the women certainly wasn't peachy keen this past season, but at least they all have full love tanks, right?  Excuse me while I gag.


Vicki reveals to Celebuzz that despite the drama between her and former bestie Tamra Barney regarding Brooks, she still believes in true love.  She tells the site, “I’ll always believe in love and marriage.”

Of course, Vicki is happy with the way things are going with Brooks, even if it did cause a rift between her and Tamra.  Vicki explains, “[Brookes and I are] good, we’re doing really well. At the end of the day, it’s my life and my choice and we’re very happy.” 

When asked if she would consider marriage for a third go-round, Vicki replied, "Absolutely!"  In the meantime, she's just enjoying her full love tank.  Give me a break!

Moving on to another Orange County romance made in Bravo TV heaven, Slade and Gretchen are going strong.  Plus–BREAKING NEWS!!–Slade is ACTUALLY STILL WORKING!  That's right, folks, Slade's gig (I assume it's paying…) as the host of an O.C. radio show continues to be a somewhat legitimate job.  Let's give him some credit now!  He recently spoke with Wet Paint about all things employment and Gretchen (which, if you think about it, are almost synonymous for a pre-radio Slade…).  Here's what Slade had to say:

How’s your radio show going?

It’s fantastic, actually. We’re going up every month so that’s a good thing!

Are people seeing a different side of you?

I think so. They get a chance to see the stuff that Bravo doesn’t like to air. That’s fun for me.

Well, is everybody coming back for the new season of Real Housewives of OC?

All the contracts are up in the air, but I know they’ve extended offers to all the women to come back, so I think they’re being negotiated and I hear there may be a couple new editions.

What about you?

Me? I’m still up in the air!

Well, you and Gretchen are not up in the air; you’re very much together, right?

We are very much together and having a wonderful time, yes.

She’s said she’s a little bit skittish on marriage.

She is!

How do you feel about her feelings on wedded bliss?

You know what? Gretchen and I are on the same page on almost everything, and we both have been married once before and I know that’s what her apprehension is and for me, I don’t have to have the piece of paper. We love being together; we love each other’s company and that’s what matters most.

When would be the time to maybe have a baby?

Now! That’s definitely something we’re interested in doing. It’s a conversation we’re having.  

Okay.  How soon would that happen — in the next year?

Absolutely. I think so. I’d say in the next 12 to 18 months.


Okay!  Don’t you want to be married first, though?

You’ll have to watch and see what happens!

Oh gracious!  Did you read that?  They're going to procreate!  Like, for serious!  They even have a timeline!  I can't.  I just can't. 

Finally, Heather and Terry Dubrow are on the press circuit as well, discussing their experience on the show as newcomers.  Talking to the O.C. Register, Heather admits that she was worried her first season on the show may have changed her.  She reveals, "I was concerned it was turning me into something that I'm not… I'm not about fighting and mean."

Heather explains that she turned down the offer to become a Housewife when first asked.  She was originally pitching a reality show about opening her restaurant when the producers suggested she join the O.C. cast.  Not shockingly, her plastic surgeon hubby who was no stranger to reality television convinced her otherwise.  Terry shares, "I like the way it unfolds in a surprisingly interesting, often authentic way. I thought it would be fun and exciting and different. And it was."

Always snarking on one another, Heather teases Terry, saying, "It's good for business.  Be honest."

Heather insists that the show isn't scripted and touts her role on the show as bringing normalcy, stating, "It's not set up. Truth is stranger than fiction, which is why reality TV is so popular. Because if you wrote it … people would say: 'That doesn't happen.' But you know what? It does …They catch those moments. We bring a new dynamic of a functioning family. That doesn't mean we're perfect, because we're not."

She's also one of the first wives not to cry editing foul, simply saying, "In general, I was portrayed as myself. If you don't say it, they don't show it."  Truer words, Mrs. Dubrow.  Truer words.


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