This is both hilarious and sad. On Tuesday, Sahara Davenport passed away of heart failure leaving behind very sad friends and family. In an homage to the RuPaul's Drag Race star,  TV Guide ran a story on Sahara's passing. Unfortunately the photograph included with the piece was not Sahara's, but former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield!

A photo of Sheree's mistaken identity is below!


This isn't the first time Sheree has been confused with a drag queen. RuPaul himself even mistakenly thought Sheree was a man during a Watch What Happens Live appearance where he had to guess if a person was a drag queen or a Housewife based on a photo of their body part. Upon seeing Sheree's legs in heels, Ru guessed she was a genetic he. She by SheHe? 

Sheree was none too pleased to be misidentified, despite her love for Sahara so she tweeted TV Guide to correct the mistake! "I am sorry to hear about the lost of Sahara Davenport My condolences go out to her Family. Pls remove my picture from your website @TVGuide," Sheree wrote

Even Andy Cohen got in on the action, reminding Sheree that people always thought Sahara had modeled herself off of Sheree!

Well, I guess there's worse people to be mistaken for than a gorgeous fierce queen like Sahara! I mean at least Sheree wasn't confused for Tanning Mom or something! 

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