Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Marysol Patton from Real Housewives of Miami. Marysol was very easy to talk to and friendly. We discussed how her work plays a big part of her persona on the show, her love of fashion, and how she handles her mom, Mama Elsa, becoming the break out star. 

Below is an excerpt from our conversation: 

Q: What Interested You About Joining RHOM?

Marysol: "The first season, I didn't really know what we were doing. The second season I knew I was doing a Housewives show and I really enjoyed doing it with my mother the first time around, so I thought: 'How could I not?' And mom really wanted to do it. We have a lot of fun working together." 


Q: Let's Talk About Mama Elsa. She's Clearly The Break Out Star Of The Show:

Marysol: Growing up my mother always had so many people that always wanted to be around her; a lot of celebrities, a lot of very important people always wanted to be friends with my mother. Everyone was always fascinated by her so this doesn't seem any different than how it's always been. 

It's a little different when we go out together on the streets because strangers are coming up to us or staring or pointing or taking pictures, so that's a little a different. But she enjoys it very much. 

Q: Is It Stressful To See Your Mom Judged By The Other Women On The Show Or The Public?

Marysol: In the very beginning, the first time around when we were filming the first three or four scenes nobody had met my mother yet. She showed up one day when I was filming and they really flipped over her. And I was really concerned because I didn't want her to be on television; I didn't know how people were going to react. I know she's funny, I know people think she's funny, but I didn't know if people were going to see beyond that. 

The producers at the time they said, 'You know your mom is so funny, people are going to see beyond the physical appearance and they're gonna love her.' And it slowly has come to fruition and become exactly that. So I've gotten thick skin, she has too.

It's just one of those things, when I see a comment, it's just OK, yes – it's true. Lets keep moving. Either you like her or you don't. Not everyone's gonna love her, not everyone's gonna love me, not everyone is gonna hate us. We take the good and the bad. 

Q: This Season Of RHOM Is A Little Different Than Last Season – What Do You Think Has Changed?

Marysol: The new cast is really different from the old cast. I just feel like the new girls have a lot of energy and excitement; this zest for life. The girls before that didn't come back, they were kind of flat and they didn't have this excitement and youth. 

Q: What Is You Relationship With Lea Black Like Now?

Marysol: The problems were already happening last year before the reunion, and we never speak. I see her at social events and I always smile and I always say hello and I always try to just move forward and forget about it because it's been almost three-years now. And she'll do the same. But we never call each other on the phone or socialize. 

How Has The Show Affected Your Relationships With Castmates And Friends?

Marysol: I think it actually brought the friends that I had beforehand even closer, because we have this one thing in common that we don't have with any of other friends. We know what it's like to do a reality TV show, so we can sit and laugh about things together and commiserate about things together. It's made us a lot closer actually. And it brought me closer to women that I wouldn't have known had I not done the show. 

What Do You Enjoy The Most About Doing A Reality Show; What Do You Enjoy The Least?

Marysol: What I enjoy the most is the camaraderie you build among the women as you do the show. Also, the fans. The hard part is being everything to everybody. Being 100% for my employees, for my clients, for my family, for the show. 

Can You Tell Us About Your Personal Style? I Think You Are The Best Dressed Housewife!: 

Marysol: I was hoping to get [Best Dressed], since I knew I wasn't going to get 'The Prettiest.' (Laughs). My style… I just try to wear things that feel good and look good on me. I love to wear a lot of gold and accessorize. 

I love Emilio Pucci, they've been a client of mine for many years. I wear [Roberto] Cavalli – they're also my client. I do a lot of fashion in my business. We do a lot of Fashion PR. 

I think besides doing a good job for these brands, they also hire me because I can represent their brand. I love fashion, I'm not a slave to it. I don't just wear something because I see somebody else wearing it, I wear it because I think it will look good on me. When I did WWHL a few weeks ago, I wore a $14 dress! I just threw a bunch of jewelry on and no one was the wiser. 

Do You Think You're Accurately Represented On The Show?

Marysol: I'm representing myself. I look back and I look at everything I've done and I don't feel ashamed or regret anything I've done or said, so I'm fine with the way I'm coming across. 

OK – Let's Talk Upcoming Drama? Who Causes The Most Drama?

Marysol: There's a few more situations with Karent [Sierra]. Lea and I have a pretty heated discussion. Elaine and I have some sort of a confrontation as well. My husband shows up at some point as well and we talk. There isn't a lot of drama with me so far, but I think there will be more. A lot of it is me confronting everything that's been discussed up until now. 

What Do You Think Was Causing So Much Drama With Karent, Her Boyfriend, And The Other Castmembers?

Marysol: I don't really know much about the boyfriend [Rodolfo]. I just know that he was texting Ana [Quincoces] before I even met Karent. I saw a few texts and then somehow he ended up being Karent's boyfriend. It just kinda escalated into something strange. But Ana's had a boyfriend for a very long time, so I don't really think she cares about Rodolfo. 

And I think everybody has just had different incidents with Karent. I don't think she means to harm anyone or be evil, I just think she kinda accidentally stepped in poo poo and keeps walking in it and smearing it everywhere! (Laughs). She had several individual problems with each of us – even me eventually! 

Is There Anything About You That Maybe Doesn't Come Across On The Show That You'd Like People To Know About You?

Marysol: My life is my work. I don't have my own family so my family is my work, my employees. That's all I do. I'm very hardworking, very honest, and I'm also very silly, very playful, and very goofy. 

We thank Marysol for a great interview and can't wait to see the drama unfold on upcoming episodes of RHOM.

Speaking of which, tonight is an all new episode. Things get heated with Marysol and Lea. And Mama Elsa and Elaine go head to head with pocketbook swinging allegations. Not to be outdone, Karent and Adriana de Moura have chat that is anything but civilized! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the antics gone wild and we hope you'll join us on the twitter!

Real Housewives of Miami airs tonight on Bravo at 9/10c. 

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