For anyone tuning into the masterpiece of dysfunction that is Couples Therapy, things aren't going well for anyone. Alex McCord had an unfortunate hot tub-side wipeout after a fight with Simon van Kempen. The comes Dirty couple Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie who are having a meltdown a minute. And worst of all, everyone is forced to endure the creepy, bizarre, overly sexual relationship of Dourtney, aka Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden

Shayne and Nik haven't seen eye-to-eye with Doug and Courtney since day one and have openly expressed their disgust for both their marriage and Courtney's inappropriate clothing. Nik even went so far as to call Doug a child molester. And apparently the worst is yet to come! 


RadarOnline reports that  things became so contentious "that producers insisted actually insisted that both Doug and Nik have a security guy allocated to them at all times to prevent a fight breaking out between them!"

"Nik and Doug absolutely despise each other," a source shares. "It is certainly not all put on for the cameras, there's a real, genuine, complete loathing between these two.


"Nik is very good at articulating his disgust for Doug and puts him down at every single opportunity, he makes no effort to hide his disdain at Doug marrying Courtney and the child molester accusations that aired were just the tip of the iceberg!"

"From the moment Nik met Doug he told producers that he got a creepy gay vibe off of him, and Nik hasn't let up from that moment on — he's called him 'Michael Jackson creepy' and said he did not want Doug around his daughter when she came for an on-set visit." Yikes. 

Remember when Doug was a respected actor? 

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