Photos: Couples Therapy Reunion; Farrah Abraham And Catelynn Lowell Hug It Out?

Teen Mom stars Catelynn and Farrah

Ah, the miracle worker that is Dr. Jenn Berman has struck again. Not only did she cure Farrah Abraham on Couples Therapy, but now she has also ended the longtime feud between Farrah and her Teen Mom co-stars, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, on the Couples Therapy reunion. Gosh, is there anything that Dr. Jenn cannot do? #EyeRoll

Following the taping, Dr. Jenn tweeted, “All I am going to say is that last night’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn reunion was major. It airs September 3rd and it will not disappoint.” Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden, Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas, and JoJo and Tiny Hailey participated in the reunion as well, but all of the gossip surrounding the taping is about the Teen Mom stars.


The always perfect Farrah has gone out of her way to diss Catelynn‘s weight, relationship woes, decision to get pregnant outside of marriage. And the list goes on. Wasting their time and energy, Catelynn and Tyler fought back every time. Don’t they know you can’t reason with crazy?! The expecting couple most recently called out Farrah’s decision to do porn.

When VH1 announced that the Couples Therapy reunion included the Teen Mom stars who hate each other and thrive on drama, I looked forward to a good show. Imagine my surprised when VH1 released photos from the reunion and one showed Catelynn and Farrah hugging it out. HAHAHA – consider me skeptical. I don’t believe for one second that this love fest is genuine.

Farrah, Tyler, and Catelynn continued the charade on Twitter:

Tyler: “I’m so honored to have been apart of this EPIC reunion & to clear the air! Mad respect @nikrichie @ShayneDahlLamas @F1abraham @realkcijojo.”

Tyler tweeted to Farrah: “After all the animosity, I want you to know I have no resentment toward you. I pray that you continue to better yourself and do what your REALLY passionate about. Good luck Farrah, out of everyone, if you have a goal, I know you will accomplish it.”

Farrah to Tyler: “Thank you. Happy we now know that futures are bright and were all moving forward for the best. Congrats.”

Catelynn to Farrah: “So nice seeing you & cleaning the air. Much love.”

Farrah to Catelynn: “Much love & best wishes. I’m happy we got to talk.”

Tyler tweeted to Farrah: “Thank you, much appreciated! Let us know when the restaurant opens, we would love to come!”

Pass the barf bag! Like I said, I’m not buying it. 1) The robot that is Farrah the Lying Famewhore isn’t capable of human emotion. 2) Obviously Dr. Jenn paid Catelynn and Tyler to “make up” with her pet project, Farrah the Rehabilitated Famewhore. 3) I will be firmly planted in front of my TV on Sept 3 anyway. 😉



Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images