I just don't know what to say/think about Taylor Armstrong anymore. The woman known for her lips, among other outrageous things, is speaking out in her Bravo blog about attending Portia's birthday party – and on the situation with Brandi Glanville

Let's break this down, shall we: 

First of all the Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls star blames last season's reunion for the animosity – and she doesn't understand why Brandi is afraid of lil ol' her. I don't understand why Taylor is still on this show, but that's just me!

"There were many strong personalities present that day and certainly bad vibes between some of us. My relationship with Brandi became strained during the reunion last year and it has created tension that is in need of resolution. I find it unbelievable that she behaves as if she is anxious about seeing me."


Taylor claims she tried to make amends at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, but I guess cameras weren't rolling when that happened. 

"[Brandi] started this and I have tried to move on since the reunion. I saw her at Sur one evening and suggested we move past our differences, she was unwilling and unkind for that matter."

Taylor continues, "I have more important things to deal with at this point in the season. I have unresolved feelings about a couple of other people in our group that need to be addressed first and my conflict-avoiding personality can only handle one situation at a time."

"Conflict-avoiding personality," huh? Girl… what show are you watching? I thought Dr. Sophy was curing your delusions… 

"I am not proud of my behavior in the upcoming week and I certainly have regrets. It’s all part of my process at the time, good days and bad. Good behavior and not good at all. Stay tuned and until then, kisses from the 90210," Taylor concludes. And stay tuned we will… Can I FF through the Taylor parts?

Moving on, Adrienne Maloof's divorce has been anything but peaceable. And if there's one person who can relate to a media-crazed, acrimonious divorce saga it's co-star Camille Grammer!

She offers some advice to Adrienne about staying strong in the spotlight! "She'll get by. It just takes a while," Camille tells People. "She is staying strong. It's a very difficult time for her. A public divorce on a reality show – it was impossible for me, so I empathize with her."

As for what makes the time pass faster? "A man helps, you know," Camille dishes. "Sexual healing helps."  

"Who doesn't love a great partner in bed? I mean, come on. Especially after a bad divorce," she adds. And dishing on her own sex life with new love Dimitri Charalambopoulos, Camille shares it couldn't be juicier!

"At our age, I can't believe it," Camille shares.  "It's like three times a day, and I am like, 'Oh my God.' It's a great workout. The first year it was three times a day. It was insane." Well, uuuuhhhh… thanks for the info, Camille. And um, Adrienne best of luck in finding a little sexual healing. Maybe it will help your hair.

[Photo Credit: Daniel Tanner/WENN.com]



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