Kenya Moore is playing the age old game of 'No! I broke up with him!' She can keep telling herself that all she wants, but we all saw the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta where Walter Jackson clearly said "This isn't working." Isn't Kenya lucky she has that whole Walter storyline to keep her in limelight?

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, Kenya insists she ended the relationship because Walter wouldn't commit to spending a life with her carrying his balls around and nagging him.

Kenya claims the fishing trip is when she decided it was over. Ya think? "The fishing trip was final closure for me.

"Relationships don't work out all the time. But I felt deceived because he was not truthful with me," Kenya explains. "He was not a good person to me."


"I feel relieved," Kenya says of ending things with Walter. "No one should settle for a relationship for the sake of being in one. Once I move to Atlanta the relationship was flushed out. I saw Walter for who he really is and his intentions were false. I'm glad it's over.

The two are currently not in contact, but I certainly hope she's writing Walter hefty checks for continuing to talk about him constantly. 

"I can only blame myself because I saw the red flags with Walter and ignored them," Kenya shares. "I have been proposed to 6 times prior to Walter and never accepted because I wasn't ready. Now that I am, I wanted to make sure it wasn't me running away like I've done in the past. " Who are these six men??? 


Kenya also comments on Porsha Stewart's reveal that she and husband Kordell do not have a pre-nup. "Presumably Kordell made the bulk of his earnings prior to marriage seeing that he retired from the NFL over 8 years ago. In most State law, the wife would not be entitled to previous earnings, only community property which is what is accumulated during the marriage."

"In my opinion, it's smarter on Kordell's part not to have one. I would absolutely have a pre-nup it protects both parties should the marriage be dissolved and makes any propensity or opportunity for financial gain transparent.

As for Kenya's recent claim that she is the star of RHOA, she says she was misquoted. "I actually said I MAY be the new star. With that said,  I'd love to use this platform to encourage women to be independent, entrepreneurial, and brave… all things I believe I am on the RHOA. And of course… Gone With the Wind Fabulous!" 

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