Sheree Whitfield and Lawrence Washington

Oh there's always some shady drama business where the ladies and ladies' accouterments of Real Housewives of Atlanta are concerned!

One of RHOA's two resident heel-wearing hairdressers Lawrence Washington apparently has some skeletons in his closet as well. Lawrence entered the scene as She By SheBroke's constant companion and stylist, the two have since had a falling out over Lawrence allegedly destroying Sheree's hair. Did he destroy it because his cosmetology license was revoked and he is on probation?

According to court documents filed in the State of Georgia, Lawrence's license expired in March 2008 and he did not apply to have it reinstated until 2011. And what was he doing during that time? According to the documents illegally practicing as a hair stylist – and singeing weaves on RHOA, that's what! Lawrence also owns his own salon.


As a result of being caught Lawrence had to pay a fine of $500.00 and agree to cease practicing until further review. Now as far as we know Lawrence has his license fully reinstated and is legally able to practice styling. Which means he's allowed to be touching Kenya Moore's luxurious locks on TV and hopefully not causing any catastrophes. 

Moving on from this drama, NeNe Leakes is re-engaged to Gregg and things are going fantastically for the duo as NeNe enthusiastically plans her wedding. Now before we all start guessing what NeNe's wedding spinoff will be called, NeNe doesn't know if she wants to parade her second big white dress down the aisle on TV, but she does want a BIG wedding. 


"It's kind of getting big, and it might be on television," NeNe told E! News. Gregg doesn't care where they get married, so long as they get hitched. "It doesn't matter if it was on television or another planet, I'll take her wherever I can get her," he said. So sweet. Well we care where they get married and if we're not invited, it better at least be televised so I can gawk. And please no museums or hefty bag dresses or wigs.

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