The stars of Shahs of Sunset never fail to baffle amuse me. No, they amuse baffle me. Both? Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi thinks Shahs of Sunset is the 'Rosa Parks' of TV (true story) and Mercedes "MJ" Javid says Bravo makes her out to be a hotter mess than she really is (at least she's a lovable hot mess). MJ also reveals who her non-Shahs friends are on Bravo! 

Recalling Rosa Parks and her pivotal role in the civil rights movement, GG says, "She got a lot of drama for [her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man], but at the end of the day it started something so revolutionary and I feel like we are doing the same in respect of the entertainment industry."
"Americans have always had such a bad outlook on the Middle East, but we are the most successful and radiant culture," GG adds. "I'm just glad they are finally looking at us."

GG goes on to say the Shahs' egos are "a little bit bigger than should be" but for a good reason. "We are paving the way. It's been difficult being Persian on TV. I don't think anyone has given us as much drama and bulls-t as the Persian community. There has never been anything out there about Persians before." 

Meanwhile, MJ shoots down the insinuation that she parties too much and stresses that we only see what Bravo chooses to air. The Shahs of Sunset star insists she balances work, family, and friends just fine, adding, "I'm more of a workaholic than people even see." 
"Everything is in moderation," MJ says. "Partying is always something you do to celebrate something you've accomplished. I don't start on a Monday night. I would more do it every other Thursday or Friday night."
Asa Soltan Rahmati and Lilly Ghalichi accused MJ of being a pill popper in Cabo. "If I say I'm going to take a sleeping pill to sleep and someone else, who doesn't even know me, says drug abuse, blah, blah, blah … You're drawing negative attention towards me because you have nothing better to say. Or interesting to say about yourself."
MJ makes a point to say not everyone on Bravo is a back-stabbing poser a few of her fellow Bravolebrities are very kind and sweet. "Tamra Barney was the first friend I had who was so different from what we saw on TV, and Adrienne Maloof is also really down to earth," MJ shares. "Kenya [Moore] – everyone was warning me about her being a pistol, firecracker, crazy, crazy, crazy. I was actually glad that Walter [Jackson] broke her heart because it forced everyone to see the real vulnerable soft side of her that she's really about."
Well, isn't that little nugget of information gone with the wind fabulous to read?
Photo credit: Bravo
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