It's nice to know Paul Nassif isn't a man to hold a grudge – even against his ex-wife Adrienne Maloof which is really saying something considering the allegations she made during their divorce process. 

When asked what he thought of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars new relationship to 30-something Sean Stewart, Paul graciously announced that he didn't care!

"As long as she's happy, that's all I care about," he told TMZ. As for whether or not he's still a Rod Stewart fan, Paul said "of course!" 

Moving on, Brandi Glanville (and her thigh-high slit) appeared on Good Day LA to promote her new book Drinking & Tweeting – and her dress line Brand B. And by the looks of things only people who look like Brandi herself could pull them off!


Brandi discusses how her life is now, drama on the show, and a desire to stop talking about a certain ex-husband! Surprisingly she admits that during the tumultuous divorce "perscription drugs definitely became how I coped." I should mention these were doctor perscriped perscription drugs, not recreational ones.

Brandi admits she is still taking an anti-depressant now to "take the edge off," but she's definitely in a better space now. "I'm happy," she says. "I'm a happy girl." 

As for how Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are reacting to Brandi's new book, she readily admits: "I know it's gonna get worse with this book coming out." 

"Once the book is out and I've done the book tour I plan on making that chapter of my life close," Brandi adds. "I plan on talking about them publicly anymore."

As for discussing her marriage on RHOBH, Brandi says the other women bring it up constantly. "And there's things that happen in the press that we end up talking about. Like 'Oh, did you see this?' It's our normal lives so we're gonna talk about it on the show." 

"Hopefully, next season, we can get past that little part of my life," Brandi reveals. "There's a little bit of two steps forward… the break-up kinda brings me back, or the fighting, or the comparissons – that will never go away – but talking about it publicly can." 

And finally Brandi dishes on the crazy that is RHOBH. "[The camera] kind heightens the truth,” Brandi shares about the drama and arguing. “But I think they [the producers] pick a group of women that wouldn't necessarily socialize if it weren't for the show; very strong personalities." 

Brandi says now her relationships to her co-stars are "hit or miss," with some being a complete miss!  

"Everytime we watch an episode it kinda brings back bad feelings and memories," she shares. "Lisa [Vanderpump] and I, we talk every morning, we do dinner twice a week. Yolanda [Foster] and I are great friends. It's a new friendship; I really adore her. Kyle [Richards] and I… we have very strong personalities, we butt heads." 

As for Adrienne, Brandi there is no relationship at all. "Who?" she said in response to the question of how they get along. Oh, girls… some things will never change! 

Well, tonight is an all-new episode of RHOBH where Brandi escorts most of the girls to Vegas where she teaches them the art of pole dancing among other important skills. I am most positive Kyle will bust out the splits!

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting Lisa's attempt to shake her grove thing on a stripper pole – oh please let this be a reality – and other crazy! 

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