Despite Jenelle Evans and her formerly estranged husband Courtland Rogers being back in love and sharing every minute of it with Twitter, things may get a little rocky for the reality couple.  

The Teen Mom 2 star filed assault charges against her husband Courtland back in January, moved in with former boyfriend Gary Head, went to rehab (twice), split with Gary, got back with Courtland – and who knows how many other bumps and changes along the way.  We can't keep up, no matter how hard we try.

Things are heating up in the assault case and yesterday Courtland's mom, Holley Rogers, along with Courtland's sister, Carson Rogers, were subpoenaed to court.  Our source tells us, "The charges are false and those that are close with the family feel that Jenelle will get in trouble in the end."


Courtland's sister will reportedly state that she saw it all happen, claims our source.  "I spoke with Carson the night that the whole thing went down and she said that she saw the whole thing and Courtland did not touch Jenelle. He was just trying to get the keys out of her hand."

The family is not happy that the two seem to be reconciling,  "We are all shocked that he is hanging out with her again!!" 

The drama never ends. 

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