Adrienne Maloof's "final act as a Housewife" was to ditch Andy Cohen at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. And she felt the wrath of Andy as he rained down on her all hellfire and brimstone for cowardice. 

Poor Adrienne the Cowardly Catface never got the chance to defend herself against the evil gossip queens intent on ruining her life said Andy. Well Adrienne is explaining why she bailed and it's no surprise that she blames Brandi Glanville

“The final straw was Brandi bringing up my children. She got kicks out of trying to humiliate me,” Adrienne revealed to Us Weekly. “I made it very clear [to producers] from episode 1 that I wouldn’t do the series if my children were involved in any way."


Adrienne claims she spoke to Andy beforehand and he was aware she was planning not to attend. Adrienne also did not want to discuss her divorce, which she is legally barred from commenting on per their divorce agreement. 

“I said I couldn’t [attend]. And what was I going to do at the reunion? Sit there and say, ‘Can’t talk. Under gag order?’ It would have been very boring…I believe Andy gets it,” Adrienne continues. “I’m so upset with Brandi, I don’t know what I’ll say. Knowing I was leaving, I wanted to leave with dignity.”

Many of Adrienne's former co-stars expressed disappointment that she copped out of attending. Speaking out, Lisa Vanderpump explains to Us Weekly that she feels it's part of the job commitment and Adrienne owed it to fans and the ladies to be there. 

"I think you have to understand that when you sign up for something, it's a job, you know?" Lisa believes. "The reunion is where you go and everything comes to fruition and you hash it out. And viewers want that the same way they want us to blog. . . "

"So yeah, she got the hoof! She says she walked away, but she didn't. She got the big Maloof hoof! And you can quote me on that!" Adrienne maintains that she quit. 


Lisa acknowledges the reunion is difficult for all the ladies, but she believes had Adrienne attended she could have gained support and understanding from viewers. 

"I've been through the reunion last year and I was ganged up on and I had a huge amount of support from the audience," Lisa maintains. "I felt the way the whole thing played out this season — you saw it — the loyalties were divided. And I'm not like that."

Lisa also believes the producers do not edit the story to reflect favoritism on certain Housewives – another claim Adrienne and others have been prone to make. "I think this production company has so much integrity that they do tell the true story," Lisa says. "So you know, that's what happened."

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