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Is this the shortest friendship rekindling in history? One week after NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak publicized their newly reinstated attention ploy BFF-ery things seem to be um… inconsistent! 

Our Lady of Polyester Hair tells In Touch Weekly that her friendship with NeNe is amazing. Their relationship is even “better off camera than it is on. We're in a really good place."

“We didn't really spend the time to communicate during the show," the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shares. “Finally we realized there is really a lot of ‘he said-she said’ stuff.” At the recent Bravo Upfronts, witnesses report that Kim was anxiously awaiting NeNe's arrival so they could hang out. 

Wigs & Cigs even goes so far as to compare their friendship to a marriage! “I think the reunion was kind of a turning point,” Kim gushes “Also me leaving the show. It's like being married, right? You kind of start to take your partner for granted after twenty years. I think that was how NeNe and I kind of were.”


"She matters more to me than anyone else because we were friends years before ‘Real Housewives,’" Kim effuses. We have a lot of history together and my girls love her.”

Spilling a dramatically different story is one NeNe Leakes. "What Kim and I did was let the past be the past and agree to move forward," NeNe explained to Extra. "I just think the word ‘friend’ is a very strong word.”

Well, errrrr… that's awkard. It's like telling people some guy is your boyfriend while he says you're just hooking up. I think they need to "define their relationship"… Friendship contract time! 

Moving on, Porsha Stewart's divorce is turning out to be everybit as bitter as NeNe and Kim's was! Mere weeks after Kordell Stewart surprise filed for divorce from his wife of less than two years and claimed she didn't need spousal support, he allegedly kicked her out of their home!

Porsha filed a motion stating Kordell locked her out of their home – and was bringing another woman there! Kordell was recently spotted with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son having dinner at Dave & Busters. 

Kordell filed a response insisting that couldn't be farther from the truth and he actually just locked up the house for security reasons because Porsha is a drunki-drunkifers that doesn't need to be stumbling home at 2am! 

According to information uncovered by TMZ, Kordell accuses Porsha of staying out til dawn partying and then calling the police to get back inside in the wee hours of the morning. Kordell maintains this has happened at least twice – even though she has a key. Kordell adds that Porsha's habits include leaving the home for several days in a row and showing up between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM smelling of booze! 

As for the claims of 'another woman' that's just the nanny Kordell was forced to hire because Porsha is "neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson." NANNY! I thought Kordell didn't believe in nannies… my, my how the story changes when he's the one required to do daddy duty!

Furthermore, Porsha requested temporary spousal support in her divorce filing and Kordell wants that denied because he says she is a "celebrity" now who makes plenty of money through these ventures! Ouch – this got U-G-L-Y quick. 

Finally, tonight is part one of the RHOA reunion. Apparently Kenya Moore came in costume and is twirling and flipping her geisha girl fan all over creation. Do I spy her next single? A preview is below! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the reunion and frankly we expect it to get deliciously disgusting in the way chilifries are! 

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