The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

Lydia McLaughlin is coming out swinging! The newest lady to join the Real Housewives of Orange County blogged on last week's episode and expressed confusion about Gretchen Rossi's immature behavior. 

"I think it is cool that Vicki [Gunvalson] went to say hello to Tamara [Barney] first, even though she sees and feels 'all this Ick' between them. I think that shows that she is, or is trying to be, the bigger person and move forward," Lydia praises.

"I am happy that Tamra and Vicki eventually talk and move on. . .although, I’m still trying to figure out what Gretchen has to do with their friendship. What is this second grade and you can only have one best bud? Gretchen seems to be scared that there is only room for one friend in Tamara's life,and she wants it to be her." Yes, Lydia. That's exactly what it's like!


"I have to admit, I really found it hard to watch the segment with Slade [Smiley]," she continues. "We were recently all together in New York, and I found him very pleasant and even a gentleman in person. But, during this episode, he seems to get such joy out of being mean."

"I don't think it is ever OK for a man to put down a woman's appearance. I can't imagine any man I know and respect acting in such a way. I don't know the history with Gretchen, Vicki, and Slade but where does all this hatred come from? Had he even seen Vicki's face at this point, or is he speaking on behalf of Gretchen? I guess this episode left me with some questions and frustration of my own. . ."


Tonight is the third episode of the new RHOC season and we'll finally meet this Lydia! The ladies all clash at a get together where Alexis Bellino brings Lydia as her "guest" and the other women are so busy being in the middle of drama they pretty much ignore Lydia! Quite the initiation. Let's hope Tamra doesn't try to get her naked wasted and lock her in the bathroom with Ryan. #Trauma

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the bad behavior that passes for how a Housewife socializes. Please join us!

[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]

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