Courtney Stodden Spotted on Sunset Boulevard

Why am I not surprised? Teen bride and stripper heel devotee Courtney Stodden has just announced that Oops! She has a sex tape too! 

Making sure we all know that the tape is totally like legal and will be on the market soon, the former Couples Therapy star reassures E! News that it was filmed after she turned 18. And before you really start to throw up, Doug Hutchison is not her partner in dirty!


Courtney says the tape features "just me" and but won't give any of the salacious details away. "I don't want to put any images in people's mind; I'm gonna leave it up to you guys to think what you want." So do we think Courtney filmed her self-pleasure flick to help others and stop bullying too? 

As for the fate of her tape, despite alerting the tabloids of its existence, she has no plans to release it. Courtney says its "not out in the media. This is personal," and its put away for safe-keeping. She really is trying to "Pull A Farrah" isn't she? Takes one delusional dimwit to know one, right?!


In other news Courtney reveals that recently taken nude photos are going to be out there for us all to see! "You can keep it classy and be naked at the same time," she explains. 

[Photo Credit: Winston Burris/]

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