Couples Therapy ReKrap; Plus Nik Richie Accuses Courtney Stodden Of “Hiding A Lot Of Dark Secrets”!

Last night was the season finale of Couples Therapy and it seemed as if everyone was on a path to rebuilding relationships and moving past in-house dynamics. Everyone but Shaynik, aka Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas and Dourtney, aka Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, that is!

Right from the get-go these two couples clashed with each other and expended just as much energy butting heads as they did dealing with their own marital issues. 

Last night Courtney's pimpmomager Krista Keller returned and the unorthodox mother-daughter duo sat down with Dr. Jenn to discuss their relationship and the handling of Courtney's premature sexual expression.

Krista, who previously insisted she adored Doug and was thrilled Courtney married him, continued to maintain that Courtney's provocative behavior wasn't influenced by her and is just a reflection of Courtney's natural desires. Dr. Jenn wasn't buying it and neither is anyone but the clearly besotted and duped Doug. 


Last night Krista continued more the same as she pretended she wasn't pulling a Dina Lohan and living vicariously through her daughter. Insisting she is just supporting what Courtney's goals. Krista even did a great job appearing disgusted that Courtney would ever pose naked, despite the fact that Courtney leaves the house naked everyday.

Even Courtney looked as if the facade was starting to crack as her mom rambled about how Courtney always wanted to look like a hooker and was desperate to marry a man in his fifties while her childhood was eviscerated. How many other people were coughing bullshit under their breath?

Courtney sat there with her big, blank, dead Bambi eyes caked in so much make-up it makes Kim Kardashian look conservative, her hair a ratty mess of cheap extensions and bump-it, and she giggled and preened with unconvincing comments like 'Absolutely, ah-ha-ha ha. I love Doug – and you mom! I love you!"

Krista adores Doug something bizarre and perhaps she should have started sleeping with him instead of throwing her poor infant child at him. 

Dr. Jenn asked Krista what she would do if Courtney decided to fire her mom as manager and Krista paused, tried to keep her temper at simmer, and did her own blank stare as she denied that was a possibility. You know, I don't think Courtney is stupid. And I do think she is misled by the adults in her life. But I fully expect Courtney to shock the shit out of everyone by bailing on Doug and mom and writing a salacious tell-all that will really bump her career. 

And let's talk of Doug shall we. It is with heavy heart that I admit that I think poor Doug was bamboozled by a pro-swindler and her daughter, who sees this charade as a ticket away from crazy mom and independence. Krista reeks of grifter to me, and Courtney just seems desperate and conniving.

Strangely I don't think Krista thinks Doug is gross or bad for loving Courtney, I think Krista thinks Doug is wonderful and is envious of Courtney that she gets to have him. 

And Courtney seems to accept Doug for now, but shows little true feelings about anything – including her marriage, including her mother. Including, most of all, herself. Courtney is an expert at telling people what they want to hear, and her little speech last night in group session proved that. 

So in the end Doug called his own mom and she agreed (after not speaking to him for over a year because of his child bride) that she would meet Courtney. Courtney's unenthusiastic 'Yaaaaaay' came right out of an SNL skit mocking cheerleaders. 

So what else happened last night? Aside from the two freaks in the side-show circus, some good occurred. Tiny and JoJo had a break-through in which he finally admitted he needed to seek help with his alcoholism to save his family and his life. He went to AA and had a positive experience. Tiny felt for the first time there was hope. She is such a sweet woman. 

Monica was honest with Todd in that she couldn't promise him anything except that she'd give him a chance to truly make it right and he seemed thrilled. Monica is so classy to me. I hope Todd doesn't let her down again. And if he does, I so hope she walks away. 

Also, Nik and Shayne had an official wedding where Nik asked his wife to marry him for realz with a pair of shoes and a dress bigger than Texas. Girl – really? I usually think your clothes are cute but that was a mess and ridiculous. You know, I have hope for these two. Shayne is annoying and a prat, but clearly judging by her parents they did a number on her with all their messes. And Nik, well I think he truly means well and does love Shayne, famewhore tendencies and all. 

Their vows were cute and personal. Shayne promised to love him even if he went bankrupt. And maybe that's truly the best promise she could give a man. 

But speaking of Nik, while things may be good with his wifey, things still remain unsettled with Dourtney. Speaking to The Huffingrton Post, Nik reflects on his experiences dealing with the creepy couple and he has some very interesting reactions. 

Nik claims Courtney was out of control at the house and it was beyond inappropriate. “Courtney made sexual advances at me every time we were alone in the house. She didn't care — she even did it in front of Doug and he was cool with it," Nik accuses.


"It got so bad I had to have a meeting with producers to tell her to stop because I didn't want to go to jail.”

In addition, Nik doesn't believe Courtney is in love with Doug whatsoever! “I think their entire relationship in contrived," Nik insists. “Courtney doesn't love Doug — she is too young and too high on meds to even know what love is." What meds???? Why didn't Dr. Jenn discuss this?!?

"I get the feeling she is hiding a lot of dark secrets. What child marries a creepy old man who courted her online and in email? That is 'Dateline' style,” Nik continues. 

Nik also echoes what many viewers interned that it is Krista who is the one in love with Doug! "This is a desperate attempt by Courtney's mom to use Doug to fulfill a dream and or sexual fantasy she could never have,” Nik says. 

Of course, Krista budding reality star of her own and grade A fame whore, had a response. She denies all Nik's allegations.

“He is just trying to get media through Courtney, because she is a media sensation," Krista retorts. "He cannot do it on his own, and yes, you can quote me.”

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