Paul Nassif really scored some rotten luck in the whole marriage game. First he got stuck with Adrienne Maloof and her lawyer's hoofs – and thrown on the side of the proverbial plate like a wilted piece of gross parsley is Chef Bernie. Gag. 

In the thick of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars' super acrimonious divorce, Bernie got on Facebook and posted photos that showed Paul's alleged physical abuse against Adrienne. In response Paul filed a lawsuit against Bernie.

Well now the status of an employment contract possibly signed (possibly unsigned) by both parties could affect the legitimacy of Paul's suit! 


The case was recently heard by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos who says she wants more time to review the case but is tentatively ruling that Paul "does not have to arbitrate his claims that an employee of his ex-wife defamed him on Facebook with spousal abuse allegations," reports the Beverly Hills Patch

Paul filed a lawsuit against Bernie alleging the abuse claims were "outrageous and vicious lies" and accused him of civil extortion/blackmail and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He ultimately decided to drop a further breach-of-contract claim. 

Paul requested unspecified damages and an injunction preventing Bernie from making further claims about him or his conduct, citing it is defamatory to his reputation. 

The judge is requesting that the parties enter into a "force arbitration" clause and attempt to work out the particulars outside the court. 

Bernie is arguing that Paul's lawsuit has no merit because the two entered into a formal employment contract stipulating his employers couldn't sue him! Because of this the judge is requesting additional time to consider the validity of the case.  

Paul says he never signed the agreement Bernie insists they entered into (Paul's signature is not on the paper), but Bernie's lawyer attests that Paul's conduct, i.e. acting as an employer, speaks for itself. As part of the employment document (although he states he never received a copy of it), Bernie maintains that they agreed to an "arbitration provision." Or a statement which prevents the employer from suing the employee. 

Bernie says Paul "gave him an employment agreement in February 2012 that included "a variety of policies" as well as an agreement to arbitrate disputes between himself and his employers."

Paul insists he "never signed any document in which I agreed to arbitrate any claim or dispute with (Guzman)" and therefore has every right to proceed with his suit. Furthermore Paul maintains that his lawsuit has absolutely nothing to do with Bernie's employment in his home.

Bernie is contesting this as well, stating Paul continued living in the residence after filing for divorce from Adrienne in July 2012. Paul cites evidence of text messages Bernie sent him as late as January making threats and other accusations about his so-called abusive behavior. 

Bernie still works for Adrienne according to his lawyer. 

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