Tamra Barney said "I Do!" for the third time this weekend.

The couple celebrated with a beautiful ceremony attended by the entire Real Housewives of Orange County cast, but according to reports behind the scenes Tamra almost left Gretchen Rossi off the guest list! Oops. 

The besties for a minute have recently been experiencing some friction in their relationship – particularly as Tamra reconnects with Vicki Gunvalson and tries to rehab her image as a reformed mean girl. 


A source shares that Tamra waited until the last minute to invite Gretchen to the ceremony. “Tamra and Gretchen have had a difficult relationship over the last few months and Tamra was insistent that Gretchen would not be there,” an insider tells RadarOnline. 

“But at the eleventh hour, she [Tamra] changed her mind. It was a change of heart. She realized how important it was to have her there, despite all the petty drama," the source explains. "If the wedding was was 12 months earlier, she would have been standing alongside Tamra at the altar as a member of the bridal party, but after all that has gone us, Gretchen just didn't make the cut." 

"Off-screen, Gretchen and Tamra definitely are not as close as they used to be," the source added.

Tamra, of course, denies this was the case. Taking to twitter to dispute the rumor: "Such a lie!" Tamra blamed the Christian Post for repeating the story and called them out in her tweet. "It's a sin to lie." 

Moving on, a few weeks ago Tamra shared her rocky past with viewers and even revealed a past suicide attempt. As a single mom in her early twenties, Tamra battled a depression so severe she even gave up custody of her son Ryan for a time to her ex-husband Darren Vieth.

"She felt unequipped to take care of her boy,” an insider reveals to the National Enquirer. The source shares that Tamra has finally "talked about issues with her own parents but she still hasn’t opened up about giving up custody of her son.”

Ryan's childhood drama may have contributed to his own issues with depression. He had a couple of minor scrapes with the law in the past, but has since started turning his life around. 

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