Gretchen Christine Rossi at TAO Beach

Oh thank goodness Gretchen Rossi is making money off the uber romantical and so super special and intimate proposal song she (and a team of Bravo hired producers) wrote for Slade Smiley.

That's soooooooooo special, y'all. Like the most beyond special-ist thing ever! So yeah, if you want to own your own little piece of television's most loving moment like ever you can buy it on iTunes.

The audio for this stunning love ballad is below. And you can be assured that autotune has been heavily deployed, even though like Gretchen doesn't need it because Real Housewives of Orange County producers intentionally made her sound worse on the show, just like because they're mean and like hate her and stuff! Not at all because she can't actually sing… 


So Gretchen and Slave are getting married. She promises us it's not happening anytime soon cause they're still waiting to see if Bravo will shell out for a spinoff. "We don’t have a date set, but we’ve mulled around maybe next August,” Gretchen told Celebuzz. “We’ve talked about doing things far, far away. Very destination.”

Speaking of Bravolebrities who just tied the knot on TV, Tamra Barney is a Mrs. for the third time. Again, so special! Apparently the reason Tamra got hitched again is because marriage makes life "meaningful." You don't say… 

Dishing on how life has changed with now husband Eddie Judge, Tamra says she was surprised it feels different. "I thought because we had lived together [before we were married] that it wasn't going to be any different but it is," she told People. "It is just so much more meaningful. It is amazing." 

The couple, who balances being married with running a business together and parenting Tamra's three kids, does have to work hard to find a balance. "We work together so we are together every single day," Tamra gushed. "We work together, we live together. We are always together and we haven't gotten sick of each other!" 

Well keep up the honeymoon phase and check back with us next year when Bravo is forcing you to have marital problems for a storyline. 

In addition to all of that, tonight you get to see Gretchen sing her heart out to Slade on TV. I know you all cannot avert your eyes from a calamity so just double fist the wine (or drink straight from the bottle!) and take deep breaths. We'll be right there with you live-tweeting the whole thing! 

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