We all were shocked to see Lydia McLaughlin's mom verbally assaulted by Vicki Gunvalson's son-in-law Ryan last night. 

Judy was tired and wanted to put her feet up when Ryan accosted her during last night's Real Housewives of Orange County finale, ripped her a new one, called her the b-word and then tried to play the revisionist history game and blame the whole thing on Judy. And yeah, nice try. 

"My poor mom," Lydia begins in her Bravo blog. "It's super hard for me to watch that scene unfold. I wasn't in the room with her when the whole Ryan confrontation took place. However, my brother and sister-in-law were there and they left right after because they couldn't believe what they saw." 


"I was so traumatized and in tears because I felt responsible for my mom," Lydia says. "I know that drama seems to follow everyone, but I didn't think it would involve my mother. I left her alone for two minutes only to find that she was being verbally assaulted and getting kicked out."

Lydia, of course, defends her mother against Ryan's aggressive behavior and accusations. "Although my mom is incredibly youthful and energetic she's not used to being out late and wearing high heels standing for so long," Lydia explains. "Vicki's party was a late night for her and she went inside to get warm, and put her feet up. I am proud that my mom remained so calm when Ryan was yelling profanities at her." 

Surprisingly, Lydia is not disappointed that Briana Culberson immediately defended her husband. "I wonder if Brianna would have reacted differently had she seen what really happened," Lydia questions. "That said, I don't blame her for taking her husband's side. If Doug told me something had happened with another person, I would be on his side no questions asked. But the beauty of this show is that we can watch it back and see what actually happened."  

Lydia also acknowledges that her mom probably was in the wrong place at the wrong time concerning Ryan's wrath. "Watching his face, so full of anger, and the way he is talking about my mom is disturbing. I have to believe his reaction has more to do with something much greater than the condition of their new couch."

Lydia also gives props to the ladies of RHOC for defending her and being good friends in the situation. I know, surprising, right?! "Tamra [Barney] and Alexis [Bellino] were so sweet to follow us out and calm us down."

"And, Vicki went above and beyond as a friend to make us feel comfortable. It must have been hard for her to balance her friends and her family and I felt she did an amazing job. There hasn't been any weirdness in our friendship because of it, we both were innocent bystanders."

Lydia also shares that she and Slade Smiley have made amends. Ugh…  "We have moved on. I don't think he is malicious," Lydia explains. "Doug and I have hung out with him and Gretchen [Rossi] since this party and I actually enjoy his company."

"There is obviously a lot of history between him and Vicki that I know nothing about. However, I don't believe two wrongs make a right and there is no justification for his behavior, which is what I was trying to explain to him at the party."

Lydia believes all you can do is move forward, which is why she will not survive long on a reality show where the M.O. is to obsess about things forever and never, ever forget so long as a big, attention (and ratings) gathering fight can be had on camera! Viva la drama. 

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