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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga defends herself over not including everyone in her birthday dinner toast on this week's episode.  She also explains why it's loving to call her husband names.

Melissa took to her blog to explain that she didn't purposely exclude certain people at her birthday dinner raising of the glass.  "I was grateful for the opportunity to thank our family and friends at my birthday dinner. I addressed individuals as part of a couple and I gave extra love to those who needed the positive attention and appreciation. Joe Giudice, Kathy, and Rosie really opened up in Arizona. They showed their hearts. I was proud of them for it, and said so. Somehow, my singling out some with special admiration got twisted into “snubbing” others. That was not the vibe in the room or my intention. Frankly, I was upset to hear that anyone interpreted it that way." 


Mrs. Gorga then goes on to explain that her marriage is amazing and she love love loves her husband, so that's why it's okay to call him an idiot.  That's how you show true love, people!  Melissa says, "When Joe exploded in anger that night, I called him an idiot. He was acting like one. Even though I knew how much pain and pressure he was under about the rumors, Joe shouldn’t have thrown his glass. I got him out of the room, and told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of his actions. Hey, if a wife can’t call her husband out when he acts badly, who can? We have a real marriage. We correct each other when we are wrong. We also trust each other completely. We can say pretty much anything and know it comes from a place of love and respect. In Love Italian Style, I wrote an entire chapter about how Joe and I fight. It’s not always pretty, but talking it out (or yelling it out) is much healthier than biting your lip and letting an issue fester."  Melissa was right, Joe was being an idiot, but her reasoning just baffles me sometimes.  And of course we have to tie it in to her book sales.  Thank you, Jesus. 

Melissa ends with the "Jersey Strong" united family front, "The collective agreement at the end of the episode was that we’d go home to New Jersey, confront the people who started the rumors together, and put the lies to rest. Keep watching to see how it turns out." 

Yeah, we know how it all turns out.  With more violence and idiocy.  Future generations of Gorgas and Giudices (and the rest of the cast, too) will all have so much to be proud of. 



Photo Credit: Andres Otero/Wenn.com

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