It's a sad day for Yandy Smith, as it seems that fiance Mendeecees Harris isn't going to be coming home any time soon. While he managed to be cleared of the charges regarding sexual acts with a minor, he is sitting in jail awaiting trial for a drug trafficking conspiracy.

On this season's Love & Hip Hop, when Peter Gunz isn't playing every lady in life, Yandy is awaiting news of Mendeecees sentencing. I do hope for the sake of his kids that what I'm writing about is still just speculation, but it appears that Mendeecees' fate has been sealed. It's not good.


The blogger who writes for Tattle Tailzz has been doing some investigating the status of Mendeecees sentencing. After searching the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it seems that the rapper has been transferred to another prison facility with an unknown release date.

Apparently, Mendeecees and his brother have been accused of trafficking almost $2.5 million in cocaine and heroin over the last decade. That's a lot of drugs…in a long time. Perhaps it was just a part-time gig?

Also, according to the site, there are whispers that Mendeecees has been sentenced to fifteen years. While I believe that we'd be hearing more about it if it were true, it will be interesting to see how (and if) it plays out this season.

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