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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should be re-titled Real Whiners of Beverly Hills. 

This week's installment continued to focus on Kyle Richards and the evil, terrible, horrifying, life-destroying, totally not true in any way cheating rumors concerning her husband. Was anyone else thinking, "What cheating rumors?" until RHOBH spent 4 episodes talking about it? Anyway, in her Bravo blog Kyle reveals that she does not find tabloid lies funny. Even less funny – unsupportive friends. Everyone should be wooed into submission by her constant hair flips! 

"Hearing 'news' about my family on TV or on the Internet is not new to me," Splits states reminding us that 65 eons ago she was kinda a big deal. A legend in her own hair mind. "However, this is the first time I have been in this position personally. I too have been guilty at times of thinking that there had to be some sort of truth behind these stories." 


With all the negative rumors circulating Kyle really didn't want to be around people perpetuating those rumors, but alas she went to circus school anyway because really – she's not one to pass up the opportunity to do splits on the high flying trapeze! This is Kyle we're talking about: Attention Seekers R Us. 

"I was still upset from lunch at Carlton [Gebbia]'s, and did not feel like 'bonding' with them. But my sister made this plan, and she had good intentions," Kyle explains. "From the minute I walked in, I could feel the negative energy coming from the other sofa. So when Yolanda [Foster] cut Kim [Richards] off and was basically saying 'Enough already. Let's get stared,' I felt defensive. I felt like she was being disrespectful, considering Kim invited everyone and was excited to share this day."

Kyle's reaction when Kim told her that Brandi Glanville was complaining about being called a bully was, "Ugh WHY am I all of a sudden on the defensive when I hadn't done anything?!?" But she realized she needed to confront the situation to avoid ruining the day. "I decided to go up and say something because it was either that or leave. I didn't want to do that to Kim since she had been talking about this day for a while."

Speaking of which, Kyle is adamant she did not call Brandi, Lisa Vanderpump or Yolanda a bully. "After the lunch at Carlton's that you saw last week, a story came out on the Internet. SOMEONE leaked what happened that day and talked about what Brandi, Yolanda, and Lisa had said and how upset I was. Most of the information was incorrect, as usual, but they were right about me being upset. The word bully was never mentioned in the article but that was the paparazzi's (that Brandi ran into) interpretation of it."

Kyle's frustration continued to grow as she felt she was forced to repeatedly defend herself against something she did not do. Cheat? 

"Brandi and Lisa were clearly upset about the article and I was as well! The LAST thing I wanted to do was draw MORE attention to the lies in the tabloids, which is EXACTLY why I was so upset after leaving Carlton's lunch," Kyle insists. "When Lisa suggested I tweet something in defense of them I really was shocked. When the tabloids first came out Mauricio and I hired a lawyer to sue. We soon learned that it was not that simple. We were also advised to not give it any attention."

WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. She was advised not to give tabloid stories attention. Isn't that the same advice LISA gave her and the advice Kyle was insulted by? Just checking… 

"It was extremely frustrating because we WANTED to come out and say something! So when Lisa was upset that I hadn't made a 'statement' or tweeted in defense of their behavior at Carlton's lunch, all I could think was 'Are you kidding me?!?' I haven't even come out and defended the lies about my own family, but they wanted me to defend their bringing up the tabloids at Carlton's?"

As for Brandi's insistence that she was being a "girls-girl" and trying to give Kyle a heads-up on the rumors, Kyle calls nonsense. 

"A few months before Carlton's lunch, Brandi had warned me this particular 'magazine' was going to go after us. Once the lies were printed I didn't hear from any of the girls," Kyle recalls. "After the story came out about Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda at Carlton's lunch, Lisa went on a red carpet and made a comment saying she didn't believe any of the lies and they were BS."

Kyle insinuates that Lisa was pretending to support her while secretly being unhelpful or some ish. "If that comment had stood on it's own, I would have been so grateful and happy to have that kind of support," Kyle explains. 

"Unfortunately, it came only AFTER the women had brought it up and the story had grown. It also wasn't lost on me that nobody bothered to say that BEFORE their character had been attacked and that they had in fact contributed to the story growing."

You know what else is contributing to the story growing? Making it your major storyline on a national television show! Especially when no one even remembers the original tabloid story anyway. Nice try, though! 

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