“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 and “Vanderpump Rules” season 2 Cross-over premiere

Whenever there's a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills situation, there's a zillion versions of the same story. For people who live most of their lives ON CAMERA one might hope for more accurate records of what happened!

Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster are in disagreements over Lisa canceling last-minute on Yolanda's painting party. Yolanda claims Lisa is using her to meet famous people and is inconsiderate, now Lisa gives her side of the story.

"Regarding the Yolanda painting party, it was a bit of a fiasco. Yes, she was right when she said I didn't tell her. I told the people that sent invitations for Yolanda. A car wasn't sent for me," Lisa writes in her Bravo blog. "They were well aware that I had a meeting at city hall in order to obtain permits for my new venture."

"That is my reality, having to work all hours that God sends right now with little time, except at weekends to indulge in afternoon parties. I am trying to arrange my life so I soon will have the time to be a little more indulgent."


Lisa claims it genuinely was a scheduling oversight. "I would never cancel at the last minute unless it was an emergency and it wasn't. . .my text was to say that I was sorry I wasn't there and hope they would have fun."

Furthermore she wanted to be there! "I would much rather be in a lemon grove painting than groveling to councilors for permits. It was a tough year coupled with too many responsibilities, trying to keep everything afloat. I said that to Kyle [Richards] at the beginning of the season I was doing many things and none of them very well."

Lisa also explains why she must keep such tight reign on her businesses and her "Hollywood" activities. "When you see restaurants closing and floundering you have to tighten the belt and step up your game. Sometimes that is a challenge in itself. . . "

"You rarely see me on a red carpet at some benign event for the sake of publicity. I support my charities and my business and occasionally step out for a good time," Lisa insists.

As for her friendship with Yolanda, there's some interesting information! "I haven't known Yolanda that long, just vaguely before last season, but I had spent many, many weekends with her children and Mohamed [Hadid] so there was an immediate connection. It's a shame to question that," Lisa says.

"I don't think friendships should change because someone has pressures that can't be avoided. Maybe if cameras had been following me in my pursuit of constructing this new restaurant some would have a better understanding. So there we have it once again I am in trouble!"

Interesting tidbit: We had numerous readers remind us of a blog Yolanda wrote earlier in the season where she called Lisa a true friend and claimed she visited her all the time while she was ill.

Per Yolanda

"Lisa and I see each other outside of the show and our friendship and mutual respect for one another has continued to grow. Both Brandi and Lisa visited me many times and have shown me great support during these past, worst eight months of my life. I appreciate it more than they will ever know and it says lot about who they are as women in general and as girlfriends."

In their most recent blogs both Yolanda AND Lisa change course about the nature of their friendship. 

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