Yolanda Foster No Longer Friends With Brandi Glanville; Says Lisa Vanderpump Is A Fake Friend!

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We all knew it was just a matter of time following Brandi Glanville's lurid admission concerning Yolanda Foster's ex-husband and Joanna Krupa, but suspicions have been confirmed: Yolanda and Brandi are no longer friends. It just goes to show you – what comes around, goes around! 

Last night Yolanda appeared on WWHL live to discuss Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and naturally she was questioned regarding her often hypocritical attitude about Brandi and the true nature of their rather odd friendship. Friendship, it turns out, is a term should be used loosely to describe where they stand!

When asked about her attitude towards Brandi's drinking Yolanda admitted, "I can't stand it! I hate it – and I tell her all the time, but like I say, 'I'm not her mother.' I don't support it."

When Andy asked if Brandi and Yolanda are still close, she shrugged. "We're close when we're shooting when we see each other everyday. Yeah… we see each other," she said noncommittally. Yikes! 


Brandi apparently did not like that because she immediately tweeted Yolanda to call her out! Because adults always take their dissatisfaction to twitter, naturally! 

brandi-yolanda-tweets"No fighting, just putting boundaries! #ChildrenAreOffLimit" Yolanda added. "who's talking about kids? I'm confused, hurt, disappointed," Brandi replied. 

Brandi then posted a passive aggressive tweet directed at Yolanda! Which caused further turmoil with another one of her former friends: Lisa Vanderpump

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.34.22 PM

Throwing one right back in her face, Lisa responded: "I did." BURN. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 2.35.39 PM

And the dream team further dismantles! After Lisa canceled on her painting party for a business engagement, Yolanda called Lisa a phony friend. Yolanda says she was hurt that Lisa waited until minutes before the party to cancel. 

"It was hurtful because she supposedly is the closest to Gigi and I out of everyone in this group. If she truly had a business meeting should have called me the night before," Yolanda writes in her Bravo blog. "Being a last minute thought on her mind showed her insensitivity, not only to me as a friend, but also a sign of disrespect to everyone else's time who did make the effort to keep the commitment that had been on the calendar for three weeks."

"I often wondered in the past 18 months while I was sick at home why Lisa (who calls me her good friend) only came to visit me once — but on the other hand never seemed to miss a star-studded event going on in our life," Yolanda continues. "This incident only again confirmed my longtime suspicion that Lisa is an extremely strategic player and just another Hollywood friend to me."

"This absolutely does NOT make her a bad person or any less fabulous but it just puts her in a different compartment in my heart. I really gave her the benefit of the doubt because I wanted to believe that she was the friend she says she was but like my line goes: 'Don't tell me you are my friend, act like one.'"

And so it goes – none of these ladies act like friends and none of them truly are. Didn't Lisa get Yolanda cast on this show? I'm sure the twitter war between Yolanda and Brandi will continue – we'll keep you updated! 

[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Goodenough/Apega/WENN.com]