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Well, I guess I should be happy that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville kept her Bravo blog to two pages and her held her normally sharp tongue. I guess in the wake of her deteriorating friendships with once tight co-stars, she's learning to use that filter we've all been praying she has! She discusses her broken hand and shares her reason for getting annoyed by Lisa Vanderpump's mothering, as well as Yolanda Foster's painting party. She also touches on Carlton Gebbia's disdain for Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud's aversion to spells. Joke's on her, right? Or rather on her husband…

Brandi begins, "I broke my hand on a Thursday. I had my friend who is a MMA fighter and boxer wrap it for me and was happy to go to Carlton's party on Sunday. I did not go to the doctor for a few reasons. First, I barely had any time to — and second I didn't have medical insurance at the time. I had been trying for the last year to get medical coverage, but had been turned down because of a pre-existing condition. I have two little boys to take care of and I didn't want to waste my money on myself and have yet another reason to be turned down for insurance," adding, "I now have medical insurance, and, yes, my hand did heal a little deformed. My best friend drove up from San Diego, thank goodness, because with my right hand broken I couldn't really do my hair or makeup, and so I got a helping hand from my girls."


I want to wax poetic about how stupid it was for Brandi not to get help immediately for her hand, but I once broke my wrist at a slumber party and didn't tell anyone until the next day. Of course, I was ten. I won't tell the story of chipping my ankle doing the Insanity workout and then continuing to do it for a week before think my foot swelling was odd. Yeah, no, I won't share that tidbit since it was just a year ago…

Dishing on Carlton's raunchy (for lack of a better word) pool party, Brandi blogs, "We all went over to Carlton's for her very sexy party. I've never been to a party like that in town of Beverly Hills, but it was interesting and fun — and all about the company for me. Yolanda looked stunning and exuded elegance, without being stuffy like some of the other gals that refused to get in the pool. But to each their own! I wasn't there when it happened, but I thought it was a really nice gesture when Kyle gave Carlton the necklace she was wearing. Maybe these two can start fresh." Um, good luck with that. 

She adds, "Watching Kim [Richards] engage with her fans gave me a a sense of how her life must have been while she was growing up. It was nice to see her in her element. She seemed very happy."

Moving on to YoFo's more tame gathering, Brandi writes, "Yolanda planned a day of painting in her lemon grove and that morning I woke up and my hand was worse then ever. I wasn't sure if I could actually drive my car safely all the way out to Malibu, and I was honestly debated taking a cab to the ER. Instead I called Uber and headed out (with swollen hand, bad hair, and little makeup) to Yolanda's. I'm generally on time and not one to flake, but I was a little bit late to this event. The setting was beautiful, and as I painted my hand was throbbing so I had to switch hands — and I must say my painting was the least attractive of the group. Carlton brought up Kyle's name, and I can honestly say that Kyle has never talked to me about Carlton. I don't think Kyle would because she knows that I really dig Carlton. But I do feel the tension when I am around them."  

Brandi touches briefly on Lisa's absence, stating, "As far as Lisa canceling at the last minute, it isn't cool but things do happen," before concluding, "Our parents always tell us never to talk about politics or religion because those conversations never end well — and guess what they are very very right. I was joking about Carlton putting a spell on Kyle and then Joyce chimes in with an insult about Carlton's religion and the whole 'My beliefs are better then yours, and my God can kick Wiccans ass' fight starts. I personally believe that we are all entitled to our own beliefs and no ones God is better then any one else's beliefs." 

Good advice, but it would be fun to see Joyce stay on her toes to avoid getting hexed!


[Photo Credit: Fayes Vision/WENN.com]

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