"Mostly, they bum around Los Angeles sleeping with each other’s partners, drinking too much and squabbling endlessly, but at the end of the day, they’re all just lost kids with failed dreams who work in the service industry and happen to be trailed by a production crew."

This line is from a recent Time article, and may I say that it's pure genius and totally accurate. That's right, we're getting high-brow up in here! The piece is on the crew from Vanderpump Rules and seeks to explain viewers' fascination with mean girl Stassi Schroeder, man whore Jax Taylor, and the rest of Lisa Vanderpump's attractive SUR minions. It's certainly my guilty pleasure and last night's finale was everything I hoped for and more!  


Thanks to growing ratings with every episode this season, Vanderpump Rules' sophomore showing is doing far better than past Housewives' spin-offs. Here's a hint…the cast is fame hungry and not that bright. True, the staff at SUR thrives on drama and backstabbing much like the Housewives do, but Stassi & Co. take it to an entirely different level. What other twenty-somethings–girls and guys!–would bow to the ridiculous demands of mean girl who treats the restaurant like her sixth-grade schoolyard? They're just really pretty sheep!

As for the show's popularity, the article cites a 2012 study that found children from age 10-12 value fame above achieving goals and financial gain. Well, we're all screwed, aren't we? That's all these folks want is to be famous for no reason, or, in Scheana Marie's case, famous for being a horribly atrocious pop star. The author asserts, "For those without talent, reality television is a shortcut to celebrity, and what makes it so worth watching is the pathos of that hunger — people willing to put their lives on camera to be ridiculed and gawked at by others because they’re so desperate to become celebrities."

What makes the gang at SUR more fun to watch than some of the Housewives is that they are less concerned with repercussions. None of them have cookbooks or fashion lines or Moscato to promote…yet, anyway! For now, they can just ride out their notoriety courtesy of Bravo until they fade into obscurity like the kids from Laguna Beach (who I miss dearly, by the way!). 


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