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NeNe Leakes is not sitting idly by and taking the blame for the chaos at her pillow talk party.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star speaks out about the party brawl and calls out Kenya Moore for accusing her of gay bashing during last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live

NeNe starts off her blog explaining how pillow talk came about. "I created this game called "Pillow Talk." It all started from Gregg and I basically discussing our day or any issues we had with each other at the end of our day once we got in bed at night. Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content that build unity, start conversation and debates between couples, friends, and even strangers! All the guests that were invited knew in advance what the dress code was and what my intentions were — to build unity within the group."


NeNe reveals that she didn't come up with the questions, so don't shoot the messenger. She takes a teeny bit of blame, but not for the way things escalated and got out of control.   "Yes, questions were being asked that some were uncomfortable with! I DID NOT write the questions, but I asked them, so blame me for that! I'll accept that! I'll even accept you saying I stirred the pot, but I can't take the blame for uncontrollable adults picking up their fists to fight. Everyone is responsible for their own actions! Well, how do you have a debate without controversy? I guess you don't! I don't want to rehash this conversation any more than I already have. I already stated that Kenya charged out of her seat, and whether you could see it or not she did, and I stand by that! I also said Christopher NEVER touched her in an aggressive way. He was only trying to stop her from charging his wife, and I stand by that! I'm the first to tell you that a man should never touch a woman aggressively, and he didn't!" 

On Kenya's harsh words on WWHL last night, "P.S. Did I hear someone say I was "gay bashing" because I called Brandon a queen? Really? Bravo has a show called Fashion Queens with two very out gay men in women’s clothing, makeup, jewelry, and high heels! Are they "gay bashing"? Try something else, boo, because that won't work! Girl, bye." 

Have we heard NeNe deny that she was "on" something at the pillow talk party?  Unless I'm having a brain block, I swear she hasn't addressed that little accusation of the evening at all yet.



Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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