Porsha Williams on The View

One thing is for certain – NeNe Leakes will be back on Bravo. But the big question is will she be appearing on Real Housewives of Atlanta

With the media, including the stars themselves, giving us shakier answers than a Magic 8 Ball, everyone is wondering about NeNe's future with the show that made her a household ummm… sensation(?). 

Porsha Williams, who is also rumored to be on the chopping block with Bravo, sat down with The Ricky Smiley Show where she talked NeNe's frustrations with RHOA. 

"She has a problem with where the whole show is going. Last season was really dark," Porsha reported. "She said she feels like it's changed." Porsha also emphasized that if NeNe left the show it would be a mutual parting and that Bravo has no intention of firing one of their biggest stars. 


Responding to rumors that NeNe is demanding a higher salary and stipulations on the upcoming cast, Porsha acknowledges that NeNe is a lot to handle, but she's worth it! "She's a diva. I think she deserves that. She's been on the show since the very beginning. She has a true fan base."

However Porsha is confident the show will go on, albeit without a Queen B. NeNe "would definitely be missed, but would the show go on," opines Porsha. "I think it would just because it's an ensemble cast." 

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but NeNe does anchor the cast in a way. She's pretty much an institution over at Bravo, however if she is truly unhappy with the show she should leave. And Porsha is right – the show would go on. And possibly with much better acting!

NeNe herself recently added her two-cents explaining her frustrations over at Bravo HQ. "There is a part of me that is tired. There's a part of me that doesn't want to sit on a panel and belittle each other all day long," NeNe explained to Atlanta Radio Station V-103. "I mean that's very draining. We shoot this show for over eight months."

NeNe adds that she does not feel she is above her castmates and that the show has been a platform for all the ladies to elevate their careers. "All of us women have accomplished something to even be on this show. So to just sit there and be so negative towards each other is … I have to say that a part of it wears me out." A bit rich coming from, you know, Negative NeNe Number 1!

[Photo Credit: ABC/Heidi Gutman]


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