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So far this season on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga has been somewhat of a supporting character. Instead of being in the thick of all the drama and fighting with her sister-in-law, she is standing on the sidelines, even if that means stirring the pot a bit every now and then.

After all, she was the bird chirping in Nicole Napolitano’s ear about what Amber Marchese had told her, which led to the costume party hair pull heard across the Garden State. So where does she stand after the smoke has cleared?


Well, not on Amber Marchese’s side. “I don’t buy that she just wanted to rekindle our friendship and make me “her friend of the year.” I don’t see her trying to be my friend at all. Amber wants to act as if I’m not loyal? Well, where is her loyalty to me? Was she being loyal when she came right off the bat saying that I married my husband for money? Is she being loyal when she came on accusing me of being a horrible friend, after not seeing me for close to ten years and accusing me of not being there for her when she had cancer? No, I don’t see that as a friend trying to rekindle a friendship at all. I see it as an old friend coming around to try to throw me under the bus. And there is A LOT you didn’t get to see, so no, I don’t believe Amber has nothing but good intentions.”

Melissa continues, “I welcomed Amber, I introduced her to my family, my friends, and I feel she intended to throw me under the bus from day one. I’ve said multiple times in my previous blogs that I accept the part I played in the situation with Nicole. I was ready to discuss it and move on. It just seems that Amber constantly wants to put the blame on me for all of this. It’s obvious she’s playing the blame game and it’s a way for her to try and get people not to focus on the fact that she was a bad friend to Nicole and spread a rumor that “she heard through the grapevine” about her in the first place. It’s very transparent and I’m not buying it.”

Now, do you think that Melissa brought up the rumor that Amber told her to Nicole and really thought they were going to just “discuss it”? I don’t buy that at all. Whenever rumors are brought up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey — or any housewives for that matter — fireworks often follow. All the ladies should know that by now, whether they want to admit it or not.

After the both arguments — the one between the girls and the one between the guys — there were two separate attempts to diffuse the situation and Melissa was confused by Amber’s two separate reactions and I have to admit, so was I.

“As far as Amber, Dina, and Teresa going to the spa together right after that all happened… I’m a little confused as to what I saw there too. Amber apologized for her husband right away to Dina and Teresa. But I guess I don’t deserve one? Amber was also so “emotional” and “teary-eyed” when she was explaining to the girls how “hurt” she was that I betrayed her. But when I went to talk to her about everything over lunch, she was acting very pompous, very rude, and was looking to argue. So which is it? Was she just trying to get sympathy from the girls? What are her true feelings? She flips around so much it’s hard to believe anything is real. I feel like I keep meeting her for drinks, for lunches, keep trying to move on with her and she just doesn’t stop. So I needed to let her know that I’m not sure what her agenda is and that I do not trust her.”

Only time will tell if these two are ever back on the path to trust and friendship. Stay tuned!


[photo courtesy: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for HSN]

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