Well, well – what have we here! A little birdie that went to the press just one day after a story emerged that her family was in major financial trouble? Or just a mere coincidence. 

Melissa Gorga‘s book has been fraught with controversy and negative reviews, and though it never even came close to the bestseller list (in fact it was actually panned for seeming to advocate such concepts as marital rape!), a new report claims Melissa is earning big from her book. And that income, coupled with her salary from Real Housewives Of New Jersey, is pulling the family out from financial failure. Interesting… 

Melissa Gorga is making over $1 million right now. Her salary and her book sales have pushed her into a 7-figure earning bracket,” a source tells Tom Murro via Radar. 


The source claims that unlike Melissa’s sister-in-law Teresa Giudice, who had three best selling cookbooks, Melissa isn’t hemorrhaging money on legal issues so she’s able to save. Well at least that’s what this source claims. “Unlike Teresa, she isn’t worried about her finances because she has been quietly making good money and doesn’t have nearly the expenses that the Giudices do.”

Reports claim Melissa earns anywhere from $250,000 – $600,000 per season on RHONJ (I’m betting that number is somewhere in the middle).  

Melissa has negotiated good deals with Bravo,” the source insists. “They’ve been willing to pay her well because she delivers the drama each season.”Additionally she is raking in “big sales” from her book, Love Italian Style. #ThingsWeDontBelieveForASecond 

Just for the record, Melissa’s book is ranked #411,969 on Amazon. Meanwhile Teresa’s four books are ranked 153,832, #103,624, 181,539, and 206,979. 

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