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It seems all is not well in Poison Paradise! Melissa Gorga may be stuck in that “disgusting” rental for a while. 

Reports are emerging that the Gorgas financial problems are far worse than it appears and Joe Gorga is borrowing money from friends, family, and co-workers to keep his businesses and personal life afloat.

Joe reportedly sunk “millions” (of pennies?) into his document garbage business, and the couple is having a helluva time “selling” their house (aka lease-to-own disaster). Melissa was just forced to give up her Bentley after the $5,000 lease was too expensive. A source claims the couple was only leasing it for Real Housewives Of New Jersey, anyway! 


It’s long been rumored that Melissa is able to obtain all her clothes for free in exchange for doing promotions – and she’s been accused of renting her Chanel! Basically she’s keeping up with the RHONJ trend of keeping up with the Fraudices! “We already know that she’s bounced checks, and she asks to borrow clothes for events,” the insider says. “She supports her husband 100 percent, as long as she can drive around in those Bentleys and still have all her stuff.”

As for how they get all this stuff, that’s dicey! “Joe Gorga has been scamming for years,” the source claims. “He owes everyone money. And Melissa is on board. Joe’s the liar, and Melissa swears to it. Or Melissa lies, and Joe swears to it. They’re a perfect team.” The source alleges of the Gorga’s grifter scheme. “That sad thing is that what Melissa doesn’t realize is that {that kind of behavior} is what got Teresa into trouble with the law!” implies the source. 


The source states that Joe’s so-called successful real estate development company is anything but. Joe is drowning in debt and recently borrowed $10,000 from an employee (this confuses me – I assume they mean a contractor he works with, not an actual employee). Apparently Joe owes money to multiple people he works with and he is not making good on his IOUs. 

Even worse, Star Magazine asserts that Joe is taking advantage of his aging parents! Last season the Giudices were building an apartment for her parents on the back of their mansion. There was evasive talk about why they were no longer living in their townhouse. Apparently the answer is that Joe sold the townhouse to finance other debts – reportedly. 

Joe convinced his parents to move out of the townhouse so he could use the proceeds to help build the newest Gorga mansion, for which construction is indefinitely on hold. In fact, it’s unclear if the Gorgas even own the land they plan to build on! Joe then, allegedly, took out a $500,000 mortgage in his name and his father’s name and convinced his father Giacinto into taking out a $100,000 line of credit, all to help further Joe’s business. In the meantime (where are they living?) nothing is happening with the construction project. 

Joe’s parents are already stressed, I imagine, over Teresa’s legal issues, so this probably isn’t helping matters – especially when Giacinto is ill with lung disease. Last year he was rushed to the hospital and spent days in the ICU. 

“[Giacinto] feels betrayed,” a source affirms. “But what does he do? He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Yikes! This is sad. As for supposed plans to move back into their Montville mansion after the sale fell through, an insider says that’s unlikely to happen as well. “The Gorgas couldn’t even afford to move out of the rental and back to their former home. The upkeep is thousands of dollars a month, not including the mortgage.”

Rumor has it the Gorgas have been evading an eventual financial collapse ever since they joined the show. The home they were living in was supposedly a “spec house” built to sell, but they moved in to convince viewers they were living the high life. Melissa’s singing career did not take off, and sources have previously told us the Gorgas were actually financing it themselves since Melissa never landed a record deal. Her book was not a best seller and faced a lot of backlash, and a reported deal for a couples workout video with Joe and Melissa fell through. 

I hope this is just rumors, because it’s a shame that people feel so desperate to live beyond their means for the sake of reality show appearances.

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