Say it isn’t so! Is my favorite reality show duo Ramonja coming to an end? As a major fan of Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan‘s friendship, this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City was pretty upsetting to me. These two used to be each other’s greatest defenders and favorite party partners. Now Ramona is confronting Sonja about her partying and telling her that she’s not getting invited to events because of her “embarrassing behavior.”

Poor Sonja. Not only did she get served by her (former?) BFF, but she also had to witness this on national television. Sonja is not the kind of person who responds to controversy by getting catty or mean. Instead, it really seems like Sonja is truly heartbroken by Ramona’s actions. 


My heart is really breaking for Sonja after reading her Bravo blog entry. As expected, Sonja was really taken aback by Ramona’s visit to her apartment. Sonja wrote, “When Ramona comes over and says she would like to see the carefree ‘not a worry in the world Sonja again,’ it’s laughable. It’s been a long time since I haven’t had to worry. She knows I just wrote a huge check to pay off the movie lawsuit, and on top of that my daughter is off to boarding school – and very recently! It has been very unsettling and lonely.” It sounds to me like Sonja just wishes that she got some support during her time of need.

And apparently there is a new era upon us and it’s called “LuSonja,” not the most clever name, but I get the point Sonja was trying to make when she wrote, “I’ve been grateful to have the company of Luann. Who knew I would go from Ramonja to LuSonja? Just like that. It’s just Luann and I have so much more in common right now. I’m certainly not going to apologize for two grown women having a good time. Luann is a ton of fun, and Ramona is pretending to be someone else! Like she’s superior? Boy have the tables turned.” Yeah, honestly though. Who would have thought that Ramona would end up being the straight-laced one and Luann would turn out to be the party animal?

Thankfully, Bethenny Frankel set the record straight when Ramona alleged that Bethenny did not invite Sonja to her party because she was afraid of how Sonja would behave. Sonja expressed how grateful she was for this when she wrote, “It’s never OK to shame a friend and say they’re not wanted at a friend’s get together. Bethenny then calls Ramona out. Saying she just hadn’t seen me in months. I knew on the spot that Ramona was lying. Bethenny would never bird dog Ramona with a message. Then Ramona tells Bethenny she told me me she thought that was why?! She said ‘let’s call a spade a spade,’ like it came straight from Bethenny’s mouth! It’s always Ramona stirring the pot.” I really don’t get why Ramona would just straight up lie like that. It’s not nice to do to Bethenny or Sonja and it just is not a good look on her. I don’t blame Sonja at all for being upset by this. 

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The saddest thing about all this is that, although Sonja is very upset, she had to explain that she is not really surprised by Ramona’s behavior: “Having said that, I should know better. I have known Ramona for so long I don’t know why I should be hurt. She said things in the past that weren’t true, like the bank had possession of my house, and that wasn’t true. There was no bank. And those rumors were spread through the newspapers stemming from her comments. And now this. She says things to create drama at others’ expense and at all expense.” This is just too sad. Ramonja really epitomized #FriendshipGoals for a long time.

Sonja could never be mean even if she tried, but she came pretty close to it when she wrote, “I think Ramona should just worry about her reputation. She certainly is a single woman who is out there, and I’m the one who has been apologizing for her behavior for decades.” Truth be told, I’m sure that they’ve both apologized for each other plenty of times when heavy partying was involved.

Sonja really brought the emotion – and even threw a little shade – when she referenced Dorinda Medley‘s toast at Ramona‘s birthday party: “Dorinda’s speech was lovely and touching. I hope Ramona got the message about being loyal, protective, and allowing girlfriends to be vulnerable.”

And as if I wasn’t feeling sad enough about the demise of my beloved Ramonja, Sonja posted a photo with a heartbreaking caption on Instagram.

I really hope that there is some hope for Ramonja, but that blog entry and the Instagram post isn’t making me feel too optimistic.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]


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