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As a self-proclaimed Real Housewives historian, I can’t think of any new cast member that has been as poorly received as Eden Sassoon has been. She has had no story line on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills other than inserting herself in Kyle Richards’s relationship with her sister Kim Richards and questioning Kim’s sobriety – over and over again. Now Eden is claiming the Richards sister “tossed around” her deceased sister Catya‘s name.

This sobriety thing is obviously the last thing the Richards sisters want to talk about in regard to their own relationship and in general. Neither of them has ever mentioned Eden’s dead sister on the show, yet Eden is pulling the victim card and claiming that Kyle and Kim of all people are being insensitive toward her. Really? Is she not watching the same show that I am?


First off, Kyle and Kim have never brought up Eden’s sister on RHOBH. Ever. Second, if they did, it would really be a pot, meet kettle situation since all Eden does is talk about the relationship between Kim and Kyle and that she insisted that Kyle enables Kim to relapse. Sure, that was all thanks to pot stirrer Lisa Rinna telling Eden that Kim is “close to death,” but Eden just refuses to stop talking about the Richards women and she doesn’t seem to believe that Kim is sober – as if she actually knows anything about her to notice any changes in her demeanor.

Since defending her meddling hasn’t gained Eden many fans, she decided to accuse Kim and Kyle of coming for her. Eden posted a black and white photo of her dead sister Catya with this caption: “Catya A #life taken BY #addiction. Kim and Kyle just toss HER around as if it’s always all about them. #HURTS SHE is #dead my #Sister #RHOBH.” Aside from the incorrect and obnoxious use of hash tags, Eden is lying. Again.

No one talks about Eden’s sister on this show – EXCEPT FOR EDEN. Kyle responded to Eden’s accusation by tweeting, “Out of respect I never discussed your sister. I don’t believe that a reality show, nor twitter, would be the place to do so.” Seriously though, what is Eden talking about? It’s like she doesn’t even know the difference between telling the truth and lying at this point.

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If that actually happened, the footage would obviously be on the show. If either of them mentioned Catya in social media posts or in interviews, it would have made news. Show us the receipts, Eden. No one believes you, especially given your beyond questionable track record.

Then as if Eden doesn’t spend her days ranting on Twitter, Eden responded with, “No comment.” LOL. As if Eden ever has no comment about anything. Don’t start an issue, accuse someone of something horrible, and then refuse to engage in the conversation.

It blows my mind that a sober woman has zero tact in this situation. I  figured that she of all people would be very sensitive in regard to Kim’s sobriety and her relationship with Kyle. Unfortunately, Eden continues to stir up the drama, and not in an entertaining way either. This story line is despicable and has been drawn out for way too long. Eden needs to stop with this ridiculousness.


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