Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

Kyle Richards Struggled To Learn The Truth After Lisa Rinna And Eden Sassoon Said She Enables Kim

Are they paying Kim Richards to provide a season’s worth of plot lines during this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Or is she just signing a release form to be taped while she hangs out with her sister, Kyle Richards? Either way, Lisa Rinna and Eden Sassoon have made it clear that they have nothing to bring to this show since pretty much all they have contributed was gossip about “Kyle enabling Kim.”

Unfortunately for Kyle, she doesn’t get the luxury that viewers have – Kyle doesn’t get the opportunity to watch the action that previously happened when she wasn’t present. She has to form her conclusions based on what happens in front of her and what she hears from the other RHOBH ladies. And Kyle was confused trying to piece this whole mess together.


Unfortunately for the loyal fans, Kyle was actually a week behind on her weekly entry for the Bravo blog. This means that we have to take our minds back to the episode that started out with Lisa Rinna’s arrival in Mexico – not that this season has much else to focus on and that this will actually get dragged out for many episodes.

Never-the-less, Kyle‘s delay in writing her blog was worth it. She took her time and clearly she took plenty of notes. She’s going in and she’s armed with direct quotes. Watch out, Eden. Watch out, Rinna. Kyle isn’t playing around.

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Let’s see what Kyle had to say about Rinna’s annoying “I can’t remember saying that” bull shit after Lisa Vanderpump let her in on the information that Eden told her about those convos she had with Rinna. God, I wish that they really could just rewind the video footage and watch sometimes. It would make things a lot more efficient.

Kyle wrote, “I was worried about how to handle the situation with Lisa R. after hearing what Lisa V. had told me.” Yeah, that to be awkward: trying not to disrupt her husband Mauricio Umansky’s work event, but wanting to bitch Rinna out and get her to “own it” when it comes to her weird obsession with Kim.

Kyle explained why she felt so bad for her sister. “I know for me personally, when something is being said about me that isn’t true, it’s extremely hurtful and frustrating. You can attempt to get your truth out there, but inevitably there will still be people that will believe those lies no matter what. In Kim’s case, I was most concerned about her kids hearing about these damaging words.” Which is something Rinna and Eden clearly did not think of or care about even though they keep playing up the “compassionate” angle to justify their meddling.

For some reason, Kyle actually liked Rinna and considered her to be a friend even though she has been fighting with and shit talking her sister Kim from the jump – but then again, the Richards sisters haven’t always gotten along so well on this show, so maybe she was cool with Rinna instigating? Or maybe she was just more focused on fixing her relationship with her sister instead of her sister’s relationship with Rinna? But apparently Kyle felt conflicted, “It’s also hard when the person who said these things is someone you like.”

Kyle was trying to be a loyal sister and a good wife during this trip since they were technically there for Mauricio’s work event. “We all got ready to go to The Agency Punta Mita launch party at The W Hotel. Mauricio and I were really excited, and I was planning to just enjoy the party and talk with Lisa Rinna later. When Rinna came up to me to talk, although taken aback, I was a bit relieved.”

Kyle added, “I don’t know any other way than to just come right out and ask, ‘Did you or did you not say these things?'” Kyle explained Rinna’s demeanor: “She looked shocked, but it seemed obvious to me that she did. However, unless you hear something directly from someone’s mouth, it’s hearsay.”

Kyle continued, “So I wanted to give Lisa R. the benefit of the doubt, as difficult as that was. And at this point I had not seen what we all saw in the episode. To me, Eden was not necessarily a reliable source since I barely knew her, and our short history hasn’t exactly been the best. It certainly would explain Eden expressing concern about Kim.”

Still, even if Rinna did come clean and recall that she DID say Kim was “close to death” in a conversation with Eden, it would mean that they were both at fault. Yeah, Rinna planted the seed for Eden to grow into this season’s main story line, but Eden had zero consideration for Kim, Kyle, or their family by inserting herself into their lives without ANY personal knowledge or experience of their relationship. They were both very much in the wrong, and silly Rinna just “can’t remember” anything she said. IN FRONT OF REALITY CAMERAS.

Unfortunately for Kyle, watching the episodes gave her more clarity than she had while the Mexico trip was going on. “However, in this episode we also see flashbacks of Eden saying ‘Kim is a bitch,’ ‘I don’t see Kim being the problem as much as Kyle,’ ‘Kyle speaks for Kim.’ She also went on to say I ‘have an attitude’ toward her.”

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Clearly, Eden has an issue with jumping to conclusions based on little to no facts. She isn’t coming off as the caring person she claims to be with constant attacks against Kim and Kyle when she JUST MET them both.

Kyle continued, “I don’t know what she expects when she put me on the defense from the moment I met her. Asking where the drinking issues in my family came from and firing so many questions off regarding Kim’s and my relationship.”

EXACTLY. Who does Eden think she is? As a sober woman – it would make sense that she of all people would treat Kim and Kyle with sensitivity and discretion. Unfortunately, that’s the total opposite of what we’ve seen so far.

I have no idea why Kyle felt this way, but she admitted, “Not to mention I really liked Eden the first time I met her at Game Night. Then she later went on to tell Lisa Rinna that I wasn’t welcoming to her. That couldn’t be further from the truth. So who do I trust/believe?”

Obviously, they’re both total snakes. They have no problem exploiting the Richards sisters drama to get screen time. Why don’t they have any story lines of their own?! EVER.

Even though Rinna was obviously lying through her teeth when it comes to her sudden onset of Alzheimer’s, Kyle still managed to be sensitive to her being upset. “I felt sad watching Lisa Rinna crying outside. I don’t like to see anyone upset. If it wasn’t true I can only imagine how she was feeling.” Unfortunately, it was so true, and Rinna’s crocodile tears were beyond ridiculous.

Kyle continued, “But seeing what we now saw, I think maybe she was feeling embarrassed or guilty.” 100%. Either that or Rinna was just upset when she thought about how much Kyle and Vanderpump don’t want her on their show. Maybe she was just crying over the possible paycheck that she may lose. That seems more plausible than this memory loss she has claimed.

Even Erika Girardi – whose alter ego is basically worshiped by Rinna – kept it real and told her to admit the truth. Kyle wrote, “Back at the house Erika tells Lisa Rinna to only tell the facts and to be honest. Lisa R. says she just ‘doesn’t know’ if she said those things or not.”

Kyle emphasized, “As Lisa V. and Erika both pointed out, those aren’t really words you forget saying.” EXACTLY. It’s just too ironic that Mrs. “Own it” herself is the one who refuses to take responsibility for her own actions.

It seemed like the ladies had some fun on this trip post-Rinna’s arrival. Kyle reminded us, “The next day we all headed out on the boat. It was a perfect outing considering how awkward things were. It was easy for me to put everything aside while out in the middle of the ocean on this beautiful day.”

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But of course, Rinna needed to use the chance to shit talk on Vanderpump with her bestie Eileen Davidson. Kyle remarked, “It wasn’t as easy for Rinna. We watched as she discussed with Eileen what happened the night before and continued to express that she did not remember. Time will tell what really happened and who really said what.”

It looks like it’s going to be a rough season for Eden and Rinna. Kyle and Vanderpump are ready to destroy them and they have the RHOBH fandom behind them.  If I were Eden and Rinna, I would definitely disable my Twitter notifications for the rest of the season. They have to be getting a ton of hate from fans who are even more invested than I am. And that has to suck, but look at it this way, ladies: your attention seeking antics are “enabling” haters to relapse back into mean tweeting. That’s a phrasing I’m sure you’ll understand.


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