Was Ramona Singer actually concerned Bethenny Frankel’s daughter would find out about her “soft porn” past from her fellow six year olds? Or was she just stirring the pot and securing some Real Housewives of New York screen time? Or maybe she wasn’t thinking at all and just blurted out whatever popped into her thoughts.

Either way, Bethenny was not having it and she excused herself from the rest of the Hamptons trip. Does Ramona feel bad for bringing this up? Probably not. Still, it is possible. I mean, she is known as The Apologizer.


In her Bravo blog for episode three, Ramona was surprisingly introspective: “Aggressive, inappropriate or just a bitch? That’s the question I ask myself.”

Ramona declared, “Well first, I know that I am not the bitch.” Alright, then. Maybe not the bitch, but a bitch sometimes, yeah. She questioned, “Was my delivery inappropriate? Bad timing? Or just aggressive?”

She continued, “Well here are my thoughts. None of those words fully describe what happened at the restaurant! As we sat there chatting, yes I did come out and ask her directly if anyone had said anything to Bryn about Bethenny’s pictures.”

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Ramona recalled, “Although B, of course, has a quick tongue and is fast thinking, she needs to attack. My question might have been better if I worded it better, but WTF! I mean, like really, is she that defensive that she needed to say, ‘Yes, Diane Sawyer came to the playground’? She knew damn well that is not what I meant.” Yeah, I do not think she was picking up what you were laying down… allegedly laying down. I’m still finding it difficult to buy the concern.

She explained, “People do talk! The adults talk to each other and the kids hear and repeat! So I was just asking! It’s not that unusual for a 10-year-old to walk over to a 6-year-old and say, ‘My mother said your mother is a…!’ But B needs to add the drama and talk about me being a drama queen. Maybe she needs to watch herself.” I feel like that’s not something elementary school kids would talk about during recess, but maybe I’m just naive.

Ramona complained, “Then to shut me out and turn off and leave?  Maybe she thinks she is still in the playground and didn’t get her turn on the swing. She really can dish it out and she can’t take the heat.” I feel like most of the people on this show can dish it, but they can’t take the heat. Other than Dorinda Medley, I do not think any of them are tough enough to stand the constant shit talking that comes along with being a Housewife.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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