Tamra Judge

Well, Tamra Judge has tried and tried again to give Vicki Gunvalson the opportunity to do right, but once again that didn’t happen. Things were instead inflamed – again – when Vicki invited Tamra’s ex-bestie Ricky to her party to fuel speculation about Eddie’s sexuality. Tamra insists she’s definitely DONE! hearing Vicki’s lies.

Really? Cause this season of Real Housewives Of Orange County is only half over and then there is the reunion… “Come on! These lies are getting ridiculous,” Tamra protests. “I’m a girl that gets over things in five minutes and gives many chances, but it’s time for me to move on. I can’t listen to her lies anymore. She’s so toxic and delusional, I just couldn’t deal with it.”

“Let’s get one thing clear: I’m not mad about the actual rumor,” Tamra writes in her blog. “I’m mad that someone I thought was my friend is spreading rumors behind my back and has now taken it this far. If she was a friend, Vicki would have come directly to me. This was not coming from a place of concern; her only concern was to try and hurt me and humiliate Eddie.” True but isn’t it kinda fun watching Tamra spin her dune buggy wheels while getting a taste of her own medicine (and no one is bringing her sweat pants in the hospital except Shannon Beador).

Despite a million other failed reunions, Tamra and Vicki tried to have a conversation at Kelly Dodd‘s Don’t Be A Boob party, but as expected, with everyone meddling and Vicki once again shirking responsibility, things went badly.

Why am I crying, Vicki? Let me spell it out for you: you had a party and brought people there to create more rumors about my husband.”

“In one breath, Vicki says she didn’t invite Ricky, and he’s not HER friend. Then she tells Kelly, ‘I didn’t BRING Ricky there to hurt Tamra.’ Always a contradiction with Vicki,” continues Tamra. Who doesn’t have any sympathy for Vicki’s “walk of shame” at the volleyball party. “Here’s a crazy concept: DON’T DO SHADY S—,” Tamra snipes, “and you won’t have anxiety about seeing me.”

Tamra says Shannon whispering in her ear to avoid Vicki was actually Shan-nanigans being a good friend. She explains, “Shannon is NOT obsessed with me or jealous that Vicki doesn’t want to make up with her. She is being the friend that I asked her to be.”

“While talking to Peggy, I thought maybe I should talk it out with Vicki. It couldn’t get any worse…right? Vicki and I have a past of fighting and making up. But after spreading rumors about my husband and Shannon’s husband, I told Eddie and Shannon that I was 100% done with this cycle, and if I got weak to remind me of what Vicki has done.”

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Defending Shannon meddling in her conversation with Vicki, Tamra insists“She just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting ganged up on. That does not make her ‘crazy,’ Vicki. That makes her a good friend.”

Tamra blames Vicki for starting their convention on the wrong note.  “As Vic-tim finally walks over to talk, she’s kicking and screaming like ‘I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM BEING THERE, AND HE WASN’T ON MY LIST!’ Vicki comes in hot and aggressive, accusing me of hurting her, conquering and dividing her friends.”

Tamra claims the drama Ricky spread went viral and was “all over social media” the morning after Vicki’s party. “I had to sit my 11 year old daughter down to explain to her that ‘someone’ is spreading lies about her stepfather and how to handle it because children can be brutal.”

As for Vicki accusing Tamra of also ruining her life, Tamra suggests: “Please show me the evidence. What friends have I pulled away from you? Yes, I called you a liar, because you lied and you continue to lie. You admitted to ‘fabricating’ your constantly changing story. So why are you shocked that you’ve been called a liar? When Vicki started screaming about David, I had to just walk away.”

Finally, Tamra touches on Lydia McLaughlin‘s fight with Shannon. Obviously fearing the wrath of Shan-nanigans, Tamra is a loyalist. For now…

“I didn’t realize how big this fight was until I saw it on TV,” insists Tamra. “Honestly , I didn’t want to get involved. I had enough drama for one party. They were fighting about boobs — how serious could it be?” Well, it’s Shannon, so quinoa salad is a serious offense…

“Watching it now, I do side with Shannon. She had no idea Lydia had a boob job. Shannon was just trying to say that they were the only two without implants, so she was very hurt that Lydia accused her of talking badly about her when she was not,” Tamra continues. “It’s hard for me to be in the middle of Shannon and Lydia because I love them both.”


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