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Real Housewives Of Orange County has no ‘quiet women’ – especially not Lydia McLaughlin who ‘secretly’ invited/not-invited Kelly Dodd to dinner at The Hysterical Shrieking Insane Quiet Woman with Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge. And surprise-not-surprise: Kelly showed up, provoking a dieting-not-dieting Shannon to fling her plate, flip Kelly off, and get flipping thrown out

Shannon and Tamra didn’t know Lydia had been scheming-not-scheming by inviting Kelly until the episode aired, and now they’re calling out her “pot stirring” antics. For some reason Meghan Edmonds is involving herself, because that’s what Meghanny Drew, Girl Detective does – she gets to the bottom of drama! 

Despite all evidence to the contrary Lydia denied having any ill-intent. She prayed for Shanon to stay sane, so it’s not her fault Satan got in the mashed potatoes! \

Post-episode the ladies erupted on twitter. No one is allowed to have Shannon’s private number, therefore they can’t argue over text message like normal people. You can wade through the 140 characters or less histrionics below.

Meghan’s complaints began with Lydia describing Shannon as “the mayor of crazytown“.


Uh – seriously Tamra, who coined “Jesus Jugs” and numerous other awful things, is now ‘offended’ by name calling? Yeah, she deserved to have a guinea pig poop on her.

I do agree with Meghan’s assessment that none of this makes any sense, though! “Why would Lydia invite Kelly if she doesn’t get along with anyone??? That is so odd,” Meghan tweeted.


Shannon replied, “Because it looks like she likes to stir the pot. And she didn’t tell us that she invited Kelly.”

Lydia was shocked when Kelly walked in? But she invited her. And now Kelly ‘didn’t know they’d be there?’ What is going on?!,” Meghan continued. “I like both Lydia and Kelly. Just questioning certain things. I don’t hate them at all,” she added.

“Isn’t that the craziest thing? We had No idea at the time she was invited by Lydia,” agreed Tamra, “why didn’t kelly just say lydia invited her?”


Tamra also asked, “Didn’t [Lydia] tell kelly in the car that shannon and Tamra don’t get along with kelly? Why would you invite her to a dinner that WE set up?”

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Shannon then called Lydia out for being embarrassed by her behavior. “Lydia’s embarrassed??” she scoffed. “Nothing would have happened if Lydia hadn’t invited Kelly. #badchoice #potstirrer #RHOC” #TrueDat Why are the women of the RHOC always shrieking about pot stirring and blaming others for pot stirring?! Get a new argument!


When viewers complained that Shannon over-reacted, she snapped back, “So sorry. Wish I was as composed as you would have been.” Except even Kelly would have been more composed than Shannon! Like how about leaving immediately instead of showing Kelly your best Cotillion manners by flipping her off while screaming “f–king bitch” and flinging steak! Pretty sure they revoke your Deb crown for that.  Shannon later admitted she was “being uptight,” but blamed it on “a lot of pot stirring going on.”


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Shannon also argued that she shouldn’t be forced to interact with Kelly (or Vicki) because of RHOC – which makes ZERO sense given the premise of Real Housewives.”Yes but some relationships have to end for good. Show or not,” she stated.

Tamra tweeted some advice for Lydia: “Creating drama on purpose always backfires.” She would know.


Switching gears from the drama with Lydia, Meghan called out Peggy Sulahian for making a bizarre domestic violence joke. Peggy redeemed herself by asking if they were getting takeout bags for the food Shannon flung across the table!


“Oh my dear god Peggy. Your husband beats you on Fridays? This is so uncomfortable. #notfunny,” tweeted Meghan, the moral authority of RHOC. Am I going to have to refer to Meghan as “Heather DuFaux” now?

“The Armenian to English translation always comes out funny/weird. Diko does NOT beat me,” Peggy clarified. “My fellow Armenians can confirm it’s a joke”

I really don’t know what to make of this mess. So, Kelly told Lydia she wasn’t coming to dinner, then showed up late claiming she thought the women had left already (lies of a real Housewife on that one!). On WWHL, Kelly insisted the restaurant is in her neighborhood, so she goes there all the time. Andy Cohen confirmed Kelly wasn’t mic’d when she ‘surprised-not-surprised’ Shannon in the bathroom. It certainly appears as if Lydia intended to invite Kelly to cause a ruckus though.


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