Vicki Hears a Rumor about Tamra

Why is Season 12 of Real Housewives of Orange County just a rehashing of the same arguments from Season 11 which was all about discussing the drama from Season 10? Isn’t it time to move on and get some fresh story lines? Apparently no one on the show thinks so. Vicki Gunvalson’s knowledge of the cancer scam is still a hot topic of debate. These rumors about Eddie Judge’s sexuality are a constant topic of conversation.

Now, there is even more focus on the Eddie gossip after Tamra Judge’s ex best friend Ricky Santana and her nemesis Gretchen Rossi showed up to Vicki’s birthday party. This resurgence of old faces was both vindictive and desperate. It is far fetched to believe that the conversation happened at random. The bad acting indicates that someone (most likely multiple people) orchestrated the gossip about Eddie in advance. Obviously Vicki denies this. Beyond that she’s even denying that she invited Ricky to the event in the first place. Thankfully Ricky has come through with some receipts. Watch out, Vicki.

It is beyond petty for Vicki to invite Tamra’s ex best friend to her birthday party that is being filmed for a Real Housewives of Orange County episode. It is also contradictory since Vicki maintains that she wants to make up with Tamra. Pick a lane, girl.

During the last episode, Vicki denied inviting Ricky and acted like she had no idea he was going to show up. Now Ricky is refuting that claim to get even more attention with some solid proof.

Ricky posted a screen shot of Vicki’s birthday invite and wrote “HERE’s THE TRUTH.” It’s hard to argue with that one.



He wasn’t done though. Ricky tweeted, “This was our conversation about her party after my invite was received” and shared a screen shot from a text conversation with Vicki . Ricky asked, “Does production know I’m coming? Tamra swore I’d never be filmed again.” Vicki reassured him by saying, “She has no clue” and “Production just said to invite your close friends.” This is a very different picture than the one that Vicki painted in the last episode where she pretended to be totally clueless about Ricky’s presence.



Ricky’s Twitter fingers have been typing up a storm ever since he appeared in that one episode. He explained, “TAMRA and I were friends now we aren’t tamra and Vicki were friend and aren’t Vicki and I were friends and aren’t lol we are all not friends.” Ricky also tweeted, “I like Vicki just don’t know why she said the lies about me on Mondays episode…there must be a reason.” Because of the poor acting, attention seeking, and desperate circulation of gossip?

As if there is some high demand for Ricky to appear on this show, he decided to tweet, “I am boycotting show and any appearances for life lol except my appearance in the reunion!” Is it really called “boycotting” when he’s not genuinely friends with anyone on the show and there’s no purpose for him to appear?

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