Margaret Josephs

This week in her blog entry, The Real Housewives of New Jersey newcomer Margaret Josephs gives us a look at her family’s ups and downs. She also weighs in on the ridiculous over-the-top behavior of Siggy Flicker, most specifically her trying to make the cake drama seem equal to Margaret’s family heartache. Same, right? #sarcasm

She starts off her blog talking about her complicated relationship with Margaret Sr. “Family is sometimes hard work, and it’s definitely always a work in progress. Life’s journey doesn’t come with a road map, and there are pitfalls at every turn that no one can plan for.” “I love my mom so very much (even though she makes me nuts on a daily basis), and I’m so happy you are getting to know her better, too. As usual, Marge Sr. made an entrance, en pointe, in all her #bitchstolemylook glory…She’s the original glamour girl, and you can’t imagine how “interesting” it was to grow up with this one.”  She adds, “We have a great relationship now, but sometimes it was a bit One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. She’s only 20 years older than me, and it wasn’t always clear just who was raising who. Let me just say this: the dynamics never changed! Parents are a beautiful thing, and I really can’t say it enough—Marge Sr. is a piece of work, and a lot of work, but a beautiful blessing.”

Margaret touches on the agony of losing her relationship with her stepkids. She opens up in her blog, “I never called my kids my stepkids. To me they are my children. Being a stepmother was so wonderful and came so naturally to me. It was the most amazing love I had ever felt that was only crowned by the addition of my own son to the mix. Jan and I had a great family but, like happens to so many couples, not a great marriage. We were separated for some time but continuing to live together gave some a lot to talk about, and once we agreed to divorce, the public news of our separation was shocking to so many. That’s why I can appreciate how easy it is to look at couples, families, relationships from the outside and judge what you see. It might look like peaches and cream, but even on a good day, it could be a bowl of sour cherries. That’s why I don’t judge others’ relationships or compare other people’s lives to either mine or anyone else’s.”


She then shares that she was happy to connect with Dolores Catania but is disappointed in Siggy‘s reaction to it. “I was glad I was heard by Dolores that day. I empathized with her, and I realize that she’s not had the most fabulous life with the most fabulous relationships—she’s been a resilient, amazing mother, and has been a strong friend to many. I’m glad Dolores and I bonded that day, and I’m thankful we connected and established a mutual respect. It was a little disappointing to see Siggy struggle with seeing Dolores show some compassion to her arch nemesis, The Marge. Turns out I have a few layers and some dimension after all and she wasn’t happy to see Dolores, of all people, break the news.” She then snarks, “Of course, Siggy the Narcissist had to turn it around into something reflective about her—comparing me feeling heartbroken over a broken family to her falling apart over a flying cake. I mean…sadly, it seems that no matter what, Siggy’s disdain for me runs very deep. I could understand this kind of hatred if I had maliciously attacked her or truly come for her in some meaningful way. As I see it, I weighed in on a topic she brought to the table; I coined a pet name that most would find hilarious, “Soggy Flicker;” and I called her out on some boorish behavior I would want brought to my attention if I was the one making a fool of myself.”

Margaret says she’s shocked, and a little amused, over the dramatics. “It all just seems so irrational, doesn’t it? It’s baffling to me and, I’ll admit, a little entertaining, because I can’t honestly believe it’s all real. It’s so theatrical and so obsessive and absolute, it almost feels like a prank at times. I mean, I’ve moved on with many relationships that have endured way worse than this nonsense. From cheeky nicknames and poking fun, to me breaking down and showing the deep pain I feel from having a strained relationship with my children, she somehow always manages to bring it back to her.”

Margaret admits it’s all pretty exhausting, “Like I said at Gorga’s: it’s draining—insanely draining. The tears I shed are from real issues that have caused real pain. I’ve never met a pastry chef worth a faceful of tears. And as you may have guessed, I’ve never cried over a cake. I’ve cried over a mushroom risotto because it was surreal but never met a pastry that’s brought me to the brink of ocular meltdown or heartbreak. My heart is quite simply broken, and no amount of time can heal that. Those are years lost, memories missed, and moments passed I won’t ever get back. Every day I continue to work on those relationships with the clear intent to heal the wounds and get to a good place again. Thankfully, it’s a work in progress.”

Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey at 9/8 C. Join us in the comments for the snarky goodness.

The summary for tonight’s shitshow episode: While at Siggy’s retreat, the girls delve deep into their personal issues: Margaret opens up about her relationship with her step-kids and Teresa talks about her resentment towards Joe. Later, back in Jersey, Dolores plans a charity event and Teresa seeks advice from Siggy about her book. Meanwhile, Melissa and Margaret plan a fun surprise for all the ladies but tensions flare when Siggy and Dolores confront Teresa with a rumor they heard from Kim D.


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