WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14169 -- Pictured: Siggy Flicker -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Siggy Flicker Admits She Overreacted About The Cake; Describes Margaret Josephs As “Crass, Heartless, & Eccentric”

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14169 -- Pictured: Siggy Flicker -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Even though Real Housewives of New Jersey has been The Teresa Giudice Show for a long time, the real show this season has been all about the animosity between Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs. Even though they clearly cannot stand each other, they have to be somewhat grateful to be at the center of the season. Or at least that’s what I imagine. All publicity is good publicity- right? I feel like their girl Joan Rivers would agree with that sentiment.

The Siggy and Marge Show continued after the last RHONJ episode during Siggy’s Watch What Happens Live appearance. Even though Margaret hasn’t been in the clubhouse, Andy Cohen and the viewers pushed Siggy to dish all about the new girl so it really felt like she was there.

#CakeGate continued- which was expected since it was also mentioned in the preview for episode four as well. A viewer wanted to know if Siggy felt like she overreacted to the cake fight. Without hesitation, Sig said, “Yes.” Andy seemed pretty shocked by that answer and doubled down to make sure asking, “You do?”

Siggy explained, “Listen, I think you have to get to know me. I’m very dramatic. I have a lot of energy and I got very excited. For me, once the cake was thrown, it was over for me. What kept it alive is that my friends didn’t want to acknowledge my feelings. Nobody wanted to apologize. Somebody spent three hours making that cake and it was disrespectful not only to the cake maker, but to the restaurant.” She has a point and even she seems over talking about this in every single interview.

Siggy also owned her shit and admitted, “what I called them was wrong- I called them animals, [said] their act was trashy.” She also made sure to emphasize that it was “in the heat of the moment” and that she was “babala”- which I’m not sure if I spelled correctly but it just means she was drunk that night.

She also addressed that immediately infamous restaurant entrance saying, “It’s  favorite restaurant. I’ve been going there for twenty years. My water broke there. I had Joshua and Sophie right out of New York Prime.” Back to the scene itself, Siggy recapped, “Everybody’s coming in. I’m excited. I want to have a good time and from the moment we sat down the jabs about my husband who she never met at the time.” And it’s back to the Margaret talk. People are so confused by why Siggy cannot stand Margaret when she wasn’t involved in the cake fight, but it stems back to the husband jabs. Referencing anyone’s family on any Real Housewives show is a cardinal sin. Just ask Sonja Morgan who infamously said “You don’t talk about the families” or Teresa when she yelled “Don’t bring up my family” before pushing Andy Cohen after Danielle Staub asked about her nephew.

Siggy also discussed her diner sit down with Margaret. She said, “It was the first time she was actually getting to know me. In Boca, all I did was welcome this new girl because she’s a mutual friend.” In regard to that ridiculous Joan Rivers exchange, she admitted, “You know what, Andy, I’ve never met Joan Rivers. We were egging each other on. She was like ‘I know…” and I was like ‘So do I.’ She was like ‘I like apples’ and I was like ‘I like apples.'” She added, “I was defending myself for the first time. When a bully comes over to you, you have the right to defend yourself.”

A fan wanted to know, “Was the crab cake actually kind of salty?” Siggy said, “No it wasn’t and god bless the seventeen-year-old chef. It’s like his livelihood, is that necessary?” Wait. Really? Seventeen? That cannot be accurate, right? The part about affected his livelihood is valid though. Hopefully it just gave him some good exposure and social media content to promote his crab cakes.

With Dolores Catania sitting in the audience, Siggy was asked, “What do you think of the other women saying Dolores is your follower?” Siggy said, “It’s a joke. You have to know Dolores. Dolores beats to her own drum. I follow Dolores if anything. Dolores doesn’t follow me.” Dolores chimed in with, “We follow each other.” Siggy seemed to reference all of the ass kissing comments when she said, “I would be proud not only to follow her, but to kiss her ass.” This whole franchise and the hierarchy of each cast revolves around kissing ass. Everyone on these shows is either kissing ass, getting her ass kissed, or on her way out the door.

This weekend in Boca is just the trip that will not end. At first I was all in for starting out Season 8 with a girls trip, but it just feels like I’ve been a part of this hellish weekend for a month. A caller wanted to know if Siggy should “have been the bigger person and not demanded an apology” from Teresa considering that she was mourning the loss of her mother.

Siggy admitted, “I do feel horrible and I’ve been with Teresa. I’ve been a great friend to her, but you know sometimes when things go a little bit overboard, I can’t walk on egg shells. All I was saying is, if we were having a cake fight at the table it’s one thing. I spilled wine at the table it’s one thing. To take it and throw it across the floor at a restaurant- the restaurant that I brought you to- all I wanted for her to say was ‘You know what I don’t think it’s a big deal. I threw cake at a restaurant, but I see that you’re upset. You planned this trip. I love you. As your friend, I want to say I’m sorry.’ I got zero.” Well, she got it in this last episode, so hopefully that apology sticks.

Her Boca entrance was addressed- again. Are there any non-Siggy moments that people are referencing from this season? Love her or hate her, she is the one to talk about so far? I also say this knowing that we haven’t got to that scene with Teresa throwing a chair at the Posche fashion show. Siggy shared, “What you don’t see is that New York Prime I’ve been going to over for over twenty two years. I know the owner, the bartender, and all my friends were waiting for us. We had some issues at the hotel. We walked in about two and half or three hours late. All I wanted to do was say ‘hi’ and ‘thank you.'” What did she do that was so wrong? Was anyone actually embarrassed by that? They were all getting paid to be there and it was most likely a Bravo-comped meal. It also gave them all talking points for their on-camera interviews so it was a win for everyone involved. Siggy turned up and they had enough to gossip about to earn their paychecks.

Siggy declared, “Am I over the top, loud, and annoying? Yes. I’m going to own it, but everybody there already knows me. Michael and I are going to Boca tomorrow morning and I’m going to be walking into the restaurant the same way.” Fellow guest Valerie Bertinelli interjected with, “That’s not necessarily annoying,” but Siggy kept it real and said, “Trust me, I’m annoying.”

The interview wouldn’t be complete without another person asking Siggy about Margaret. When a caller asked Siggy to describe Margaret in three words Siggy threw out: “crass, heartless, and eccentric.” Damn.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]