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Tonya Banks has had it up to here with so called “bestie” Terra Jole. And last night on Little Women: LA, she decided to lay down the law! Meanwhile, Briana Renee continues to hate on Christy McGinity Gibel, wondering if Christy is trying to bring her down in a legal dispute – that, um, seems to have nothing whatsoever to do with Christy! So, things are as twisted as ever. 

Tonya wants to throw a “welcome back” western-themed party for Kerwin, since he’s from Texas and totally deserves a party after acting like a giant whiny baby for the last month. The guest list will include the usual suspects, minus Terra, an insult sure to throw her into a royal tailspin. Little Boss is making moves, yo! 


Little Women: LA recap

Last night, Tonya Banks continued to feel the wrath of boyfriend Kerwin and Terra Jole, who have both apparently decided it’s time to torture Lil’ Boss! But guess who inserts herself into the drama, per usual? It’s everyone’s favorite TMZ source, Christy McGinity Gibel! Oh, Little Women: LA, we cannot fault you for a lack of messiness. We can only sit and observe. And snark. 

We pick up right where we left off last week at Tonya’s house, where Kerwin is losing his F-in mind over Tonya not picking up all of her belongings from Jaa’s. Kerwin is obsessed with these crates of garbage merchandise that Tonya and Jaa share as business partners, suspecting that Tonya wants to be another kind of partner to Jaa again. Tonya tries to reason with him, but Kerwin is high on paint fumes or something, because he is nearly ready to break up over this.


Little Wome: LA recap

Close your eyes with me for a moment and imagine this: A Little Women: LA episode not prominently featuring the abysmal hellfire of Briana Renee and her dirtball husband, Matt Ericson (Grundhoffer). Like, at all. Now open your eyes! Because our prayers have been answered – at least for this week.

Yes, my friends, we have been spared one full hour of nonstop Briana drama to focus on, well, totally unrelated drama between Terra Jole and Tonya Banks. So, okay, it is not a perfect world. It is kind of like we’ve been pulled up from the 7th circle of Dante’s Inferno to…I don’t know, the 5th circle? But I’ll take it!



While Bravo is busy airing the Olympics this week, Lifetime and E! are still up and running with new episodes of our favorite reality shows!  Tonight we have all new episodes of Botched by Nature, Little Women: LA and Little Women: Atlanta! If you haven’t already, it’s the perfect night to check out one of the three shows since there’s no new Real Housewives of New York

Tonight on Little Women: LA, Elena Gant leaves the hospital after welcoming her twin babies, who are still in the NICU.  Christy McGinty’s daughter Autumn is rushed to the hospital with a health scare.  Tonya’s new and improved Boss Body Active Wear line is ready for its debut, but Terra Jole voices concern over the new logo. Plus, Kerwin puts pressure on Tonya about ending her business partnership.

Terra Jole Give Birth

It’s a boy for Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo! The Little Women: LA couple, and stars of Terra’s Little Family on Lifetime, welcomed their second child into the world August 1st. Grayson Vincent Gnoffo, 7 lbs., 10 oz., was born at 8:35 a.m Monday. 

Terra and Joe decided to keep their baby’s gender a secret this time, even from themselves! Terra joked this spring, “Now we get to argue over two names instead of one!”


Little Women: LA recap

It’s time for more baby showers that no one wants to attend and friendships that no one wants to mend on this week’s Little Women: LA!

Last night we learned that Jasmine Sorge is a glutton for punishment as she throws Briana Renee another awkwardly attended shower, despite Briana’s horrid treatment of her. Did Jasmine learn nothing from that el depresso bridal shower last season? This will not be a gathering of happy campers. (Literally, the RSVP boxes on these shower invites should read: “Yes,” “Regretfully, no” and “What the f*ck dude!?”)


Briana Renee

Briana Renee has been riding a wild roller coaster of pure drama for as long as anyone can remember on Little Women: LA. The self proclaimed “fierce mama” first graced our screens as a quiet, but good hearted single mom navigating life and love in the big city. Since that first season, Briana’s life changed dramatically. So, what happened exactly? Well, Matt happened! After meeting, then marrying, then becoming pregnant by the serial cheater and liar, Matt Ericson (Grundhoffer), Briana became the main source of contention within the LWLA friend group, and with her fans.

But Briana claims things are looking up, both in her marriage and her friendships. She also has some swamp land in Florida she’d like to sell you for a once in a lifetime low price! After a myriad of sexting scandals, Matt’s dubious claims of abuse and sex addiction, and Briana’s ever growing isolation from her family, Briana says she doesn’t have time for the criticism anymore. Instead she’s focused “on my life, building my marriage, and raising my son.” Although, she adds, handling these issues requires a “tougher skin” than she used to have.



Love him or hate him, it is pretty interesting that The Apprentice star Donald Trump went from being a reality TV star to a presidential candidate. It got me thinking about celebrities that I enjoy watching on reality TV who I would love to see run for president.

To make it clear, I don’t necessarily think any of these people should actually be president, just that it definitely would have been entertaining if we had them in the mix at some point during the nomination and election processes. Also, this list is meant to be a complete joke, so chill out with the political commentary and just have fun with the “what if” political possibilities.


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