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Right on the heels of Little Women: LA airing their second and final part of season four’s reunion, news is breaking all over the place about Briana Renee suddenly on the mend from her pregnancy scare last week. Briana was rushed to the hospital for pre-term labor symptoms at only 6-months pregnant, an obviously frightening situation.

The timing of Briana’s hospitalization eerily coincided with both parts of the LWLA reunion shows, and if I were a more cynical person, I’d ponder whether the entire hospitalization was a publicity stunt. In actuality, I do think Briana and her baby were in real danger, which is simply awful. But good news is finally here: Briana and baby are both stable, and have finally been released from the hospital! 



It’s time for part two of the Little Women: LA reunion! And I, for one, could not be happier about the choice of hosts for this big ole mess. Last week, Kevin Frazier ran this show like a BOSS, and tonight he’s taking things one step further by insisting that Matt Ericson sit down, put his big boy pants (as opposed to his Peter Pan Pants) on, and listen up as his disgusting texts to other women are read aloud in front of the entire cast. Let us take a moment of silence to thank the reality gods for putting Kevin Frazier in our lives. Amen. 

Okay, here we go! Part one of the season 4 reunion ended on a stage break, during which Christy McGinity asked Briana Renee if she “okay’d” the sexts the entire cast was about to hear? No, says Briana. But it doesn’t look like she has much control. And let’s face it: not having control over anything happening around her, to her, or near her seems to be Briana’s ultimate character flaw. Or at least she believes it to be. I’d argue that she has plenty of control over this mess she’s in, but chooses to hide her head in the sand instead. Suddenly, Matt takes issue with the texts too, claiming they’re “grotesque” and he doesn’t want to stick around to hear them repeated. Uh, wait up homie! We thought you went into some sort of fugue state and didn’t recall anything about what you wrote? #RememberTHAT? 



It’s a bittersweet night for Little Women fans! Little Women: LA gives its final farewell with the second part of their reunion tonight and Little Women: NY kicks off with an all new season! To tie the shows together, Little Women: NY star Dawn Lang will be making an appearance on the reunion couch and we’ll see Little Women: LA star Terra Jole on the premiere episode of LWNY.

Dawn gives a little insight as to why she’s on tonight’s reunion episode: it’s to defend her friend, Christy McGinty.  Dawn shared on Instagram, “Watch tomorrow night while I defend Christy’s decision to press charges on Hall & Oats on #LittleWomenLA Reunion part 2. It’s not the question who threw the first glass; it’s the question, who INITIATED the fight? Answer: Terra. Look at the plastic face of guilt! We are Little People! We have enough medical obstacles to endure we do not need to intentionally cause more. #ViolenceIsntTheAnswer #LittleWomenNY #PlasticNotFantastic.”

Little Women: LA reuion

The tragic tale of Briana Renee continues. Last week, the Little Women: LA star was hospitalized for going into premature labor at only six months pregnant – a frightening prospect for any expecting mother, but even more so for a little person. Since then, doctors have kept Briana under their care, halting her labor with medication and continued observation.

Allegedly, Briana’s husband Matt Ericson (aka: Matthew Aaric Grundhoffer) drove her to the hospital and has been by her side since the incident, thus revealing that the couple is still likely together. But after part one of the LWLA Reunion aired last Wednesday, many people are asking: Why? The slew of concerned parties – for Briana’s physical, mental, and emotional health – include close family members, who Briana’s father claims have been summarily cut out of her life by Matt, who he outright calls “controlling.” 


Little Women: LA reuion

It’s been a season of revelation and procreation, and here we are at the end of it all! Season 4 of Little Women: LA ended on a sour note for Briana Renee, whose long-maligned husband, Matt Ericson, was discovered sending d*ck pics yet again to multiple women. To make matters worse, Briana was pregnant at the time with Matt’s spawn baby. And in further heartbreaking news, Briana was rushed to the hospital just this week for pre-term contractions (she’s 6 months pregnant right now) due perhaps, in part, to stress. The situation is sad, no matter how you look at it. But Briana and Matt are capitalizing on their gigantic crapfest of a relationship with a 2-hour Lifetime special May 11 anyway! Because Briana’s family has not been humiliated enough yet? Cripes.

In the mean time, the ladies sat down for a season 4 reunion with a new host (Thank you Jesus!! Last season’s was a passive aggressive wreck!!) to dish the dirt on everything from Matt’s sexting proclivities to Christy McGinity’s totally-legitimate-and-medically-proven “brain injury” to Tonya Banks’ desperate attempt at trapping her a live Kerwin!  (Although we’ll only get to a small portion of this mess in part 1.) Yee haw! Let’s get to it.   



Anyone who watches Little Women: LA knows that Briana Renee has been through her fair share of drama this season. Everyone in the cast hates her husband Matt Ericson and she is pregnant with his baby. And to add even more stress to the situation, Matt was caught sending naughty pics and having inappropriate conversations with several women while she was pregnant and married to him!

Poor Briana. On top of all this happening, it has all been aired out in the Little Women: LA episodes and she has had to relive it and respond to a lot of criticisms from her friends and fans. So I imagine that she is pretty stressed out these days. And that assumption makes sense since according to TMZ Briana was rushed to the hospital on Monday night with premature labor pains while she is only six months pregnant.



Little Women: NY is back with some old faces, some new! Original cast member and chaos ringleader, Lila Call will join her old buddies Dawn Lang, Jason Perez and Jazmin Lang to navigate being little people in the big city. Gone for season 2 are Jordanna James, Misty Irwin, and Kristin Zettlemoyer.  

In their places, enter fresh faces! Mom-to-be Katie, who looks to be facing some serious pregnancy complications, and Jessica, a formidable force against the ever-preachy Dawn, join the group to shake things up a bit. It looks like Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole even joins the gang in their first episode to get things started on the most ratchet best note possible! (A beer bottle is lodged into a wall at one point…I kid you not.) 



No. Just…no.

Season four of Little Women: LA may have ended, but the payday drama has just begun for Briana Renee and her very questionable choice in a life partner, Matt Ericson. The season finale of LWLA saw Briana learning about Matt sexting his, ahem, junk to several random women – and having an active Tinder account! – as her friends circled the wagons around her for support. Now it looks like Briana and Matt are taking their messy business to the next level with a 2-hour special, Little Women LA: Matt & Briana, “Ride or Die,” as Briana subtitles it on her Instagram) airing on Lifetime May 11.


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