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Well, well – what have we here! A little birdie that went to the press just one day after a story emerged that her family was in major financial trouble? Or just a mere coincidence. 

Melissa Gorga‘s book has been fraught with controversy and negative reviews, and though it never even came close to the bestseller list (in fact it was actually panned for seeming to advocate such concepts as marital rape!), a new report claims Melissa is earning big from her book. And that income, coupled with her salary from Real Housewives Of New Jersey, is pulling the family out from financial failure. Interesting… 

Melissa Gorga is making over $1 million right now. Her salary and her book sales have pushed her into a 7-figure earning bracket,” a source tells Tom Murro via Radar. 


Melissa Gorga Book signing

Melissa Gorga is continuing to promote her somewhat controversial book "Love Italian Style".  A photo emerged on Twitter this week and had fans (and non-fans) of The Real Housewives of New Jersey buzzing since it looked like Melissa was holding a book signing at an Exxon gas station.  She's not. 

Melissa's book signing banner is indeed hanging from the gas station sign in Wayne, New Jersey, but the event is being held at the Time Out Cafe during their big grand opening this weekend. 


Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga's new book "Love, Italian Style" hit shelves last week and has been getting an avalanche of negative press, not just for the bad writing, but for the terrible advice, too.

Among the pearls of wisdom Melissa and Joe Gorga dispel is that your man needs sex whether you want it or not and if your woman isn't in the mood, just rip her clothes off and make her in the mood. Some critics of the book felt that Melissa's husband calming tactics promoted marital rape! Not only that they called into question Joe's aggressive temper and wondered if it pointed to abuse. Oh my…

Since the Real Housewife of New Jersey star has a book to sell and teenaged girl fans to appease she quickly dismissed the criticism and claimed that her words were twisted by the media for some press. "That word is so disgusting to me and that's horrible," Melissa seethed to E! News.


Melissa Gorga Book signing

When Melissa Gorga "wrote" (as in scrawled with pink glitter pen in her trusty Lisa Frank Trapperkeeper) her book Love Italian Style about keeping your marriage to a poison-shrouded mini oaf hot and sexy, she had no idea that some of her very traditional, shall we say, advice may be called out as disrespectful. I mean it works for Melissa right – she gets to keep POISON! GAAAAAAG

According to the popular blogspot, Jezebel, some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey star's tried and true advice is not only ridiculous, but potentially abusive!*

Among the beliefs Melissa espouses, one central theme is: "Husbands want their wives to submit; wives want our husbands to dominate." That is a direct quote from her book. And husbands want to dominate in all aspects of the marriage – from sex, to the home, their wife's wardrobe! 


Melissa Gorga Book signing

Melissa Gorga's first book "Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage" released this week and she's been out promoting it. 

Last night Melissa attended a book signing at Mendham Books in New Jersey and this morning she stopped by for a chat with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on 'Today'.  

I perused Amazon to see the initial reactions to Melissa's book and so far it hasn't been positive.  In Melissa's defense, many of the 1-star reviews left for her were by people who admittedly didn't read the book or only read the free excerpt from chapter 1, and some flat out said they just didn't like her on the show. 

But on the other side of that coin, of the few 5-star reviews written, those users didn't have any history of leaving product reviews except for this glowing summary of how Melissa's book changed their life.  So, that's a little suspect.  But again, the same is true for some of those negative reviewers.  The whole thing reads a little like a blog comment section – filled with both Melissa lovers and Melissa haters and the reviews are nearly all 1's and 5's, with no in-between. 



Melissa Gorga's new book "Love, Italian Style" isn't due out until September 17th, but you can get a first look at it right now! 

Melissa's publisher has released the first chapter of her new book on their website.  In chapter one the Real Housewives of New Jersey star shares some insight into her parents marriage, sharing their will to stay together despite her dad's many "disappearances".  Melissa also talks about being teased and tormented by the girls at her school.  She also shares that after two years of praying for a good and hard working man, she met Joe Gorga


OK! Magazine's

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is promising us redemption. But SO FAR things are exactly as they ended last season with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's bickering at the epicenter of the show. Since ratings are suffering, likely as a result of fans tiring of the same old, same old, hopefully RHONJ can turn it around quickly! 

This week's episode focused on whether or not Melissa made an effort to visit her FIL while he was in the ICU. And who has ownership of a strip mall gym and its smoothie bar. Yay for Jersey gym-gate! #sarcasm 

Of course what we saw on the surface was very different from what actually occurred behind the scenes (as is always the case with RHONJ!). Reality Tea's source shares some EXCLUSIVE information about what was really happening during filming – and why Melissa seemed to have trouble identifying when she visited her FIL! 


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