Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga's new book "Love, Italian Style" hit shelves last week and has been getting an avalanche of negative press, not just for the bad writing, but for the terrible advice, too.

Among the pearls of wisdom Melissa and Joe Gorga dispel is that your man needs sex whether you want it or not and if your woman isn't in the mood, just rip her clothes off and make her in the mood. Some critics of the book felt that Melissa's husband calming tactics promoted marital rape! Not only that they called into question Joe's aggressive temper and wondered if it pointed to abuse. Oh my…

Since the Real Housewife of New Jersey star has a book to sell and teenaged girl fans to appease she quickly dismissed the criticism and claimed that her words were twisted by the media for some press. "That word is so disgusting to me and that's horrible," Melissa seethed to E! News.


Melissa denies that a man who is aggressive "in the bedroom" is "committing a crime."

 "My book is about mutual respect with your partner, for one another," she insists. "It's about honesty, it's about loyalty, it's about making your partner first in your life. Where that word comes into play, to me, is awful and disgusting, to be honest with you."

Melissa's version of "respect" seems to include spousal imposed house arrest, making sure dinner is always on the table, and doing whatever your husband wants in the bedroom to keep him from getting mad at you. Hey – her words, not mine!

However, Melissa acknowledges her advice and her marriage isn't for everyone. "Listen, I knew it was going to be controversial, there was no doubt in my mind," she admits. "But it's about my marriage and what works for us. And it does work for us and I think there are some really great tips in there." I don't.

Melissa says that the bottom line is put your husband first and don't be afraid to be adventuress with your spouse and of course – be honest! That word in context with Melissa seems ironic, eh.

"I think that when you put your husband first and your partner first, whoever first, you will be first in their lives as well," Melissa explains.

As for the aggressiveness accusations, Melissa says that's simply limited to "trying new things in the bedroom" and being daring in bed. "It's not about, 'Hey honey, I have a headache tonight,' and your husband's going to take it from you."

"I mean, come on. What are we talking about here? Everyone who watched the show can see how supportive Joe is," Melissa reminds us. Uh-huh!

Well speaking of Joe being supportive, tonight is RHONJ's season finale. I thought this day would never come! Hopefully putting an end to the three-seasons long Gorgadice feuding, Teresa Giudice will be going head-to-head with Penny Karagiorgis over cheating allegations and an epic brawl will erupt between Jacqueline Laurita, Joe and Penny's husband Johnny!

Following that delightful display of maturity, Teresa and Juicy appear on a WWHL special to talk their indictment! We will be live-tweeting (and recapping) all the drama! So make sure to join us for the 90-minute finale and the WWHL primetime event! Oooohhh… primetime – fancy, Tre, fancy!

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