EXCLUSIVE: Will Melissa Gorga Reveal Her Own Dysfunctional Family In New Book ‘Love Italian Style’?

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This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is promising us redemption. But SO FAR things are exactly as they ended last season with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga's bickering at the epicenter of the show. Since ratings are suffering, likely as a result of fans tiring of the same old, same old, hopefully RHONJ can turn it around quickly! 

This week's episode focused on whether or not Melissa made an effort to visit her FIL while he was in the ICU. And who has ownership of a strip mall gym and its smoothie bar. Yay for Jersey gym-gate! #sarcasm 

Of course what we saw on the surface was very different from what actually occurred behind the scenes (as is always the case with RHONJ!). Reality Tea's source shares some EXCLUSIVE information about what was really happening during filming – and why Melissa seemed to have trouble identifying when she visited her FIL! 


Let's begin with gym-gate, shall we! "Teresa was the first one to join that gym. Melissa never went to the gym and trained at home. There are many other gyms in the area but, of course Melissa picked 'that one' to join. Teresa has been going there for a long time and her friend [Fat-Shaming Linda] is a trainer there," our source begins. 

As for whether or not Melissa showed up at the hospital to see her FIL, our source says she did but it certainly wasn't the bedside vigil she depicted of being there all day following his admittance. "Melissa was not sick at the time her father in law was. She just chose to go see him when it was convenient for her," our source alleges.

For Teresa, as always, the devil was in the details! "It wasn't the point that Melissa went to see her father in law the 4th day. It is the fact, Melissa portrays this 'image' that isn't who she really is."

Apparently Melissa's own family upbringing left her with a less-than ideal vision of family. Melissa will share some of this in next week's episode when she debates about whether or not to include her father's adultery in her marital how-to manual. Melissa previously described her dad as her everything and the biggest supporter of her musical aspirations. 

"Melissa doesn't have a strong sense of family. Melissa's father battled with drugs and her parents didn't have a good marriage," our source reveals.

"Melissa isn't a huge fan of her in laws because she knows no matter what, they take their daughter's side. The whole 'I want to be a family' is truly nonsense. She is very happy having her husband all to herself, always being with her family, and playing the victim."

Next week's episode fans will see Melissa writing her new book. "Teresa pretty much laughs at Melissa's comment that she isn't writing a 'cookbook' but an advice book," our source says giving us a peek at next week's episode. "If you saw their [the Gorga's] 'real' marriage not the one on RHONJ and the one you have seen since the show, you surely wouldn't be taking advice from them." 

Yikes! Well I'm certainly not interested in reading a marital how-to book – no matter who is writing it. And taking any sort of advice from anyone on RHONJ is also something I have no interest in doing! Although I will admit I have Teresa's cookbooks (job perk) and some of the recipes are really delicious. 

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