Brittanya O’Campo is speaking out about her time on Charm School 3, as well as her recent elimination from the show. In a new interview with VH1, she touches on the topic of the serious charges from her criminal past, why she should have won Charm School, her take on her unaired altercation with So Hood and how her butt implants are treating her.

Below are excerpts from the interview –

So I guess you’re not in jail?

Oh yeah, I’m not.

Well that’s good. What happened with the case?

I’m still fighting it right now. My next court date is actually September 17. I paid my lawyer, so that’s good. The case is still looking…I don’t know what’s going to happen with it. It’s probably going to go to trial still.

What was it like juggling a case and Charm School?

While I was on Charm School, it was like whatever. It really didn’t make a difference. I was told by the lawyer and everybody not to get into detail about it on TV. That’s why I never did. I can go ahead and say now what my charges were, but I’m still fighting it and I’m not saying I’m guilty of it, because I’m not. They were trying to get me for attempted murder. I read that someone was saying that my bail was probably a couple hundred dollars, but my bail was actually a quarter of a million dollars. It’s public record; anyone can look it up and see. But anyways, the charge got dropped to assault with a deadly weapon causing bodily harm and the other one was assault and battery, so I have two charges on me right now that I’m fighting. It’s kind of like a he said/she said thing. My lawyer is the best in town so I really think that things will work out. I’m hoping and praying.

How was it that you were able to pay your lawyer?

When I was on Charm School, it was during the time that Rock of Love was airing, so I didn’t know that I was going to get all kinds of gigs and appearances and jobs from Rock of Love. When I got back from Charm School, it was like my whole life was totally different. I had a gig like almost every single day. Still do to this day. They pay a lot of money to go out to clubs and stuff, and I ended up saving all that money, plus more, and freakin’ paid my lawyer. I actually just got a brand new car yesterday. I’m really excited.

Not everyone believed that the charges against you were so serious.

I’m one of the realest people in the whole f***ing show. And that’s something I wouldn’t even bulls*** about. At that time, it was really fresh, because I just got out of jail a couple days before. Right now, it’s been like seven months, and I’m still out on bail. I still have to call and check in every Friday or whatever, but time has passed and it’s not bothering me as much. The charges are still there and it’s still a really serious case.

You didn’t get physical or really aggressive during your argument with Marcia on the last episode. I took that as a sign of progress.

All my close friends called me and said, “I can’t believe you did not f*** that bitch up.” And I was like, “I know!” Any other day I would have fought her and not gave a f***. Anyone with a kid will know that you don’t go there, you don’t say any of that. I’m still f***ing pissed about it. But I really put my heart into that show. I really wanted to win it from day one to the last day I was there. And still, today I think I should have won. I really think I did change as a person. I’m still kind of pissed off about how the whole thing ended.

What’s the biggest change? You’re calmer?

Yeah, I actually did change that. I realized that I have a lot to lose now, and it’s just not worth it. All of those people can hate on me all they want. I’m doing good, and they’re not. You know? And I know that and I’ll just keep giving everyone reasons to hate on me because that just means I’m doing everything right.

You were accused of just being there for the money.

I never denied that. I think every single person there was there for the money, and if they say that they weren’t, they’re full of s***. Did I learn stuff? Yes, I did. Did I go into it thinking “Oh, OK, I’m going to change me whole life”? No. Before I even got there I was already thinking I needed to change my whole life because I was already in trouble. It was already not an option for me to f*** up again. So my change started before I even went on the show.

You told Ricki you think you’re a bad mom. What makes you a bad mom?

I don’t think there is a perfect mom out there. I know that I’m not the best mother because I’m not always around. But all that matters to me is my son. He’s 8, so he’s not a little kid. He knows that I would kill and die for him. He knows that he is my world, and his opinion is the only person’s opinion that I care about. He’s my best friend. I love him to death and I talk to him every single day. He’s cool as s***.

Are you still tight with Ashley?

Oh yeah. I’m closest with her.

What about 20 Pack? He’s always talking about how much he likes you.

I know. That’s cute.

Are you together?

No, I’m not dating anybody right now. But 20 is an awesome guy. I think he’s probably the most genuine guy I’ve met so far. But no, were not dating.

Where does your name come from?

I don’t know. My mom made it up I guess.

What’s your racial background?

I’m Mexican. I’m just Mexican.

What about the story that So Hood told me about hitting you on her way out of the house?

That story is the funniest s*** ever. I don’t know why someone would feel the need to have to make up a whole lie. I wasn’t even in the room, so I don’t know what happened as far as her and Marcia, but they did edit out a lot of stuff. From what I heard, she threw a drink on Marcia, and it was getting loud in the room. I was walking through the hallway, and the main producer guy was carrying So Hood out. She was screaming and yelling, and she actually did hit the back of my head. She tapped it. But I don’t know if she meant to hit me, or she was trying to get to Marcia. I flipped out anyway and tried to go after her, and I had cuts all over my leg because I got thrown against the wall by the other security and producer people. But she definitely did not slap the s*** out of me. That girl is f***ing tripping. There is no way in hell I would ever in my life let somebody slap me. That just would never go down. I really don’t like that bitch. And I hope that I do get to fight her one day. I’m actually trying to set up a real fight right now.

What kind of fight?

A normal boxing match

Is she open to the idea?

Yeah, she actually is. I don’t think she has a choice but to fight me. I hope to God that that gets cleared up, because I really don’t like that she even had to lie like that. I think that’s ridiculous.

But wouldn’t a formal match require you to revert to your old, violent ways?

I’m still pissed. It is kind of going back to my violent ways, but it’s legal. And I figured I would get paid off of it, so why not?

Also discussed were your butt implants. How are those working out for you?

I love it. It’s the s***.

They don’t give you any problems?

No. I mean, when I’m sitting on the plane for like six hours, I have to move around since it hurts my ass a little bit. But it’s so freakin’ worth it. It feels real. I love it.

How do you feel about the future? Are you scared of this case pending?

I’m definitely scared about this case, but believe it or not, I pray like every single night. I probably pray like three times a day. I’m really into God and stuff. I feel that I’m just going to leave it in his hands. Either way, I feel like I if I end up going to jail, then it’s meant to be and I’ll end up learning something from it. If I don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. I’m not afraid of what’s going to happen, I’m just afraid of being away from my son for so long.

Do you know how much time you’re facing?

If I’m convicted, three years. So, not that long.

Is there anything else that we didn’t go over or that you want to clear up?

All these people on these f***ing blogs are a bunch of f***ing haters. I don’t give a s*** about clearing anything up. I don’t care.


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