Tamra Barney of the Real Housewives of Orange County will be making a special appearance on Bravo’s talkshow – Watch What Happens – tonight to discuss her split and impending divorce from hubby of 11 years, Simon Barney.

Simon, who took to his blog last week to shed some light on the couple’s marital issues, however has a stern warning for the network. “This is a private matter and should be discussed in a court of law, not on a reality show,” said Simon. “My entire family and especially my children have paid a very dear price for the success of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County. If they choose to exploit my family at this difficult time, it would be disgusting.”

Tamra moved out of the couple’s house and into a two-bedroom apartment, leading Simon to file for divorce days later much to Tamra’s surprise according to sources. Simon has accused Tamra of being “verbally abusive and committed acts of disloyalty and infidelity.” Tamra has denied the accusations.

Tamra’s “arch nemesis” & costar Gretchen Rossi claims she was surprised to hear about the couple’s split. Here’s what Gretchen had to say about the Barney’s split on her blog –

“Well, the next subject is very interesting to me because I have a lot of questions when it comes to Tamra and Simon’s talk outside. Not because I care to talk about them, but because they care to talk about me. First, if what is being written in the press today is true about Simon filing for divorce then I am so very sad that Tamra and Simon could not work out their differences for their children’s sake. There were some pretty harsh accusations being made on Simon’s part about Tamra in those papers. I bring this up because I think in tonight’s episode when Simon is talking about how happy they are, it is obvious that Tamra does not feel the same way. I thought “poor guy he has no idea.” Then to hear Tamra say she “would leave him if it was just the two of them,” WOW! That was a reprehensible remark if you ask me, I would be so devastated if I heard my spouse say that about me on national TV. We never truly know what goes on behind closed doors now do we though. For a very long time now I have heard lots of things about their marriage and I have chosen to stay out of it and not comment because it was none of my business. The only thing I knew for sure was that things were a little off because I was CC’d on an e-mail last January from Simon to Tamra titled “Your BS and Lies.” It definitely made me question if their marriage was truly as solid as they tried to portray at times. No marriage is perfect but those were some pretty tough words to e-mail a spouse. I do believe that Simon loved Tamra almost to a fault and he tried to protect her, even from herself at times. From what I could see she would open her mouth about things without having all the facts and he would have to be behind her picking up the pieces. That to me is a man who stands by his woman, even when he knew she was wrong. Good on him for taking loyalty seriously.


This brings me to my next point about their conversation about me. I am completely confused on what it is that I did to him and his family as he states in his conversation with Tamra. This part of the show honestly made me laugh because they completely run themselves over with contradictions, and I don’t even think they know it. I seriously had to watch it over a couple of times to try to understand what in the heck they were talking about! Simon starts out by saying that, “I said things that were so nasty about Tamra and that were reprehensible,” which is ironic because actually Tamra was the one that did that to me. I assume that the only problem Simon has with me is that I finally choose to speak about all the accusations that Tamra made about me in my blog on my website. I never considered those things to be nasty but rather just stating the truth from my point of view. I never called Tamra names or said nasty things I just pointed out inconsistencies and holes in their stories. I also really needed to write that blog for Jeff’s sake. If Jeff were still alive they would have never gotten away with the stuff they have pulled.

Simon continues by saying that I “say one thing and do another,” but unfortunately I am afraid he might be projecting his feelings towards his own wife on me. We have seen Tamra consistently doing this in many of the past episodes. Then I seriously laughed out loud when Tamra said that she would forgive me but not forget!!! For what? Seriously I must need a good slap across my face, can someone please tell me what in the world I ever did to this girl? With that said let me be clear, I certainly do NOT need to answer to them about anything let alone be forgiven by them for anything. And if you remember I told you guys that Tamra actually came to me finally and apologized for her actions while doing an E! segment, so something is very off to me in this conversation. Then Simon goes on saying, “I don’t want to be around people like that or be involved in their lives!” But they are the ones who continued to make false accusations about me, and then just recently challenged me to a lie detector test through press outlets and their blog, now if that is not contradictory I don’t know what is! News flash, you guys KEEP INSERTING YOURSELVES INTO MY LIFE, not the other way around! I really don’t care about what Tamra and Simon do, I don’t want to talk about them and never cared too, I don’t need to talk about them, I have way to many other things going on to discuss. I only speak about them when asked direct questions about their accusations about me, and if you notice majority of their interviews out there, they are always talking about me in some shape or fashion. Stop talking about me! You guys are making yourselves crazy!”

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