The first part of the reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County aired last night and it did not disappoint.

The 2nd part is set to air tonight at 9:00 pm eastern. Below are my thoughts and recap of the reunion. It’s rather long so let’s get right to it.

Tamra – Let’s start off with Tamra who opened up once again about her divorce, and revealed she decided to leave her husband Simon after things took a turn for the worst during a New Years Eve outing. Tamra said about that night, “He got mad about something and the anger just came out, and it got worse and worse.” I alluded to hearing a rumor about Simon doing something awful to Tamra last week. Well interestingly enough, that alleged incident also took place on New Years Eve. A source told me Simon allegedly slapped Tamera infront of their friends during that night out. I didn’t post this then and didn’t want to post it last week as there is no proof. A commenter however pointed out this was posted on Simon’s facebook by an alleged family friend, which I wasn’t aware of, so there it is. I will make it clear that this is all alleged and Tamra has never spoken on any physical abuse in the hands of Simon, but as I said last week, his behavior and comments on the season finale episode falls right in line with that of an abuser. Tamra also revealed last night that she wanted to leave Simon 5 years ago, but decided to stay when she got pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Alexis – Dear Alexis, yes your marriage to Jim is eerily very similar to that of Tamra and Simon. Your husband is indeed very controlling and I predict you two will divorce within the next 3 years if you keep doing this show. Why you might ask? Well, the more his behavior is shown on TV, the more people will talk and the more you will start to question things. I actually like you, and do not wish divorce on you and your family, but it will likely head in that direction unless Jim changes who he is, which is very unlikely. Sincerely, Reality Tea.           P.S. – Bravo would NEVER put you on this show unless they saw some major cracks and dysfunction in your marriage, think about it.

Gretchen – Moving on to Gretchen, she definitely got VERY defensive when it came to the Slade topic. And it definitely doesn’t bode well for the whole Slade isn’t a user argument when she revealed she purchased a music catalogue which happens to contains records of Slade’s ex, Jo De LaRosa, who’s music career Slade just happened to manage as well. I do agree with Vicki on this one, this has Slade written all over it, though Gretchen denies Slade had anything to do with her financial investment. From a business point of view, it just seems to be a bad investment considering no one is buying or playing Jo’s music. Perhaps the producer, Bryan Todd, has other great material on this catalogue that we do not know of.


Lynne – I don’t even want to write about her. She’s just a waste of housewife space. She is so clueless, it’s almost disturbing. Not sure how she could watch this entire season and still defend her parenting skills. Comments made by Lynne last night include, “I am very strict” as a parent, “I am a bitch” when asked why it was okay for her 17 year old daughter to call her a bitch on national television. And the best quote ofcourse was, “I think I’m doing a pretty darn good job” when it came to her parenting. This woman has to be on something, she simply doesn’t G-E-T-I-T.

Vicki – Not much on Vicki last night other than her very telling and sometimes funny facial expressions. Tonight’s episode will focus more on Vicki aka the perpetual victim, as we will see her run walk away when the men come on stage. One thing Vicki’s good at is dishing it out, taking it? Not so much. I can understand why Vicki would not want to succumb herself to comments from the men, but she is the one who had A LOT to say about them, so I don’t think it’s asking too much to sit there and listen to what they have to say. She says it’s not worth it to hear what Slade has to say, then why spend so much time and energy talking about him? (even though I do agree with a lot of what she has to say about him.) The point is the public can talk about the people on this show all they want, and never have to face them, but when you sign up to do this show Vicki, part of that involves being able to sit down with these people and hear what they have to say, good or bad. And why did Vicki feel the need to reveal the fact that Slade and Lauri Waring slept with each other? Something tells me Lauri did not need the world knowing that little tidbit.

With that said, tonight’s episode should be good as well. It seems Jeana Keough will be bringing some drama along with the men.