The Real Housewives of New York City Recap, Emotional Highs

The Real Housewives of New York City 3

So last night’s episode of Real Housewives of NYC was rather intense. Almost to the point of draining, I can only imagine how the women involved felt, if I as a viewer, felt somewhat drained after watching. Overall, it as a very good episode.

So in doing this recap, I will just go down the list and talk about each housewife. It’s a long recap so I’ll get right to it.

Ramona – We’ll start off with Ramona. This woman makes it really difficult to like her. I decided last night that I have a like/dislike relationship with her as a viewer. One minute you can’t believe her outrageous behavior (her comments to Bethenny during their walk), and then the next minute she apologizes and then says something insightful( calling Jill out on being a hypocrite for planning the Kelly and Bethenny talk/”ambush” last season). It’s definitely a Ramonacoaster. At the end of the day, it’s somewhat starting to get old. I mean, what is really wrong with this woman? She lacks tact and is in dire need of a filter. You learn around the age of 10 that you can’t just blurt out everything you think, so I’m not exactly sure why Ramona, at age 54, hasn’t mastered that art quite yet. I mean does she have some sort of chemical imbalance or something? Sighs, her words to Bethenny last night were really mean and uncalled for. Her attack of Kelly weeks ago about her boob job was really mean and uncalled for as well. Ramona is going to have to learn someday that just because you apologize for something doesn’t make it okay. The whole I have diarrhea of the mouth thing is getting old. I think it’s time she take some Pepto-Bismol and learn to keep her mouth shut. She says these things, apologizes, and then does it again the next day….

Jill – On to Jill, the new villain of the season. I remember Bethenny’s appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens talk show after the premiere of the first episode this season. Andy asked her if she had any remorse about the end of her friendship with Jill, Bethenny said she had absolutely no regrets. At the time, I thought that was mean and cold of Bethenny. After watching the last few episodes, I must say I fully understand why she felt that way. I agree with Alex, Jill likes to keep score, and is definitely very unforgiving. I really liked Jill the first season of the show, and didn’t start to not like her until last season, especially after what I thought was very mean behavior from her during last year’s reunion show. What I’ve noticed about Jill is her NEED to always dig at others, and put them down. It’s like she needs to bring others down, and always make sure they are never on the same level as she is. For example, she seemed to take some perverse pleasure in letting Kelly know her playboy issue was not for the 40th anniversary, and ofcourse letting Alex know just how “awful” her kids are.

Plus I’m not sure I’m buying her tears from last night, it seemed a bit forced. She was so cold to Bethenny last night, and I’m sure Bethenny has done and said some hurtful things to Jill, but I highly doubt Jill is completely innocent. I honestly think her vindictiveness, and the fact that she was so hell bent on “destroying” Bethenny was why she was so unwilling to forgive. Jill is simply not a nice person to sum this up. It’s quite ironic that she’s mentioned several times this season that she is “scared” of Bethenny. Which is interesting coming from someone who has tried to rally everyone on her side, making sure that even in Bethenny’s deepest darkest hour, she will be left standing alone, with no friend and no “troops.” No Jill, Bethenny is the one who should be scared of YOU and your juvenile behavior. You are a mean spirited, jealous and a very vindictive person.

Kelly – Oh Kelly Kelly Kelly… I think Ramona’s comment on next week’s episode kinda sums this up, “I can’t talk to you, you have no brain.” A bit mean for Ramona to say, but honestly I don’t understand this girl, or oops I mean woman. She is 41 years old after all, even though she acts like 12. I’m just confused, I mean is she a moron? brain dead? I’m literally scratching my head as I type this. The things she says, the way she acts, added to the things other people say that just always seems to completely go over her head. I don’t get her and find her exhausting and really weird. For someone who claims to have a degree from the prestigious Columbia, I find her quite moronic. And yes Bethenny was really awful to her in the press last year, but to completely blame Bethenny for damaging her reputation is something I will have to disagree with. Her behavior and bizzaro actions on the show is what damaged her rep. I will add that Kelly’s saving grace is the fact she doesn’t seem to be a mean or vicious person.


Alex – When I think of Alex from last night, all that comes to mind is the Alex & Simon from the first season, you know the really desperate wannabe social climbers. And boy, have they come a long way since 2008. I really thought they were better off just leaving the show after season 1 and taking their losses, but it’s really nice to see how far they have come with both the viewers and the other housewives. They are definitely fun to watch this season, and are very likable. It was nice to see Alex being a good friend to Bethenny and actually taking the time to listen (take note Ramona). And Alex seems to be less of a push over this season, which is also nice to watch. I would really like to see her back next season.

LuAnn – It all came to me last night. LuAnn is the New York equivalent of Vicki from the OC Housewives. In my opinion, they are both just downright awful human beings. They are both very unaware of how they come off to others, and I’m pretty certain, they both believe they are flawless beings. The Cuntess’s behavior was just awful last night, the snickering and making faces while Jill and Bethenny tried to talk was beyond immature. And then finally, she felt the need to interrupt and end the conversation between the two former friends. Bethenny’s comment last night was both priceless and accurate, “Thanks Countess for the diversions, first it was a tea party, then it was a car diversion, next it was going to be a puppet show. I get it, you want your best friend back, take her back.”

Bethenny – And finally Bethenny. First I have to mention how hilarious her comment last week about “being blackballed from nonsensical fashion events” was. I can’t stop laughing at that or her other genius one liners. Do I like Bethenny? Yes. Have I gone through periods when I didn’t like her or something she did? Definitely. But overall, I’m really liking Bethenny this season. I, like most viewers, really enjoy her harsh honesty and openness, but like I said about Ramona, I think Bethenny also needs to learn to tone it down sometimes. One thing I’ve noticed about Bethenny is she really doesn’t seem to understand how some of the things she says can be really hurtful to others.

With that being said, what really hit me last night was Bethenny going to LA to see her dying father, only to be told he does not want to see her. I mean wow, I simply cannot grasp how a parent could do that to a child, a dying parent at that. I’m not sure what caused the drift between Bethenny and her parents, but I can’t imagine what Bethenny could have done, if she even did anything at all, to cause him to do that to her. As we reported, Bethenny’s father past away back in November, dying of cancer. I really hope and pray she got to see him and finally get some closure before he passed. I really, REALLY, felt for Bethenny last night.

I think I’ve pretty much covered the whole Jill issue, so that’s the recap. Would love to read your thoughts on the recap and last night’s episode overall.