The Real Housewives of New York City Recap, New Housewife On The Block

Sonja Morgan of Real Housewives of New York City

Coming off a very emotional episode last week, things seemed to take a calmer turn on this episode of the Real Housewives of New York City, as we got to meet the newest cougar housewife on the block, Sonja Morgan. More on her later.

On to this week’s recap, not much to write about so this will be brief. Will however touch on Jill Zarin’s appearance on Watch What Happens last night.

Ramona – Once again, we had another Ramonattack. Someone needs to let Ramona know her meds are meant to be taken daily, and not just when she feels like it. Her walk on the runway was simply priceless, and all the more surprising considering how serious she took it. Her comments to Jill at Jill’s event was unnecessary and uncalled for. It was absolutely the wrong time and place. She definitely needs a filter.

Kelly – I think I’m starting to see the issue with Kelly. She came on this season trying to be the fun and happy Kelly, which is making her appear rather inauthentic and weird. Her attempt to take Simon shopping and dress him, umm a bit weird. She’s more interesting when she’s being a real human being, such as during her argument with Ramona. And then we got the old Kelly back when she decided to mock Ramona in a elementary like tone after she walked away, really what person over the age of 10 does that?. Overall, I think I’m starting to get Kelly. She’s one of those people who simply lacks depth. She’s that person who can only be an acquaintance, and never a close friend because there simply isn’t much to her.

Bethenny – It was good to see Bethenny dealing well with her dad not wanting to see her. Not much on Bethenny this week, but did we really need to see her sitting on the toilet? Way TMI. Bethenny should have closed the door, and Bravo should have left that part out.

Jill – The mean Jill reared its ugly head once again on last night’s episode, making a lot of snarky remarks. However, her appearance on Watch What Happens was a must see last night. Seeing her talk in circles, make up excuses, all while being defensive was interesting to watch. According to Jill, the reason she was so cold to Bethenny was because she wanted them to make up off camera. Really Jill??? Can someone remind this woman that she is on a reality show that showcases her personal life and relationships? All of the things to not want on TV, why would making up with a friend be one of them? Yeah, it made no sense to me either.


Another Jill excuse? Apparently, her mean and snarky remarks were because she was simply trying to be more like Bethenny. Whatever you say Jill, and her over the top plugging of her new book last night was rather annoying, but then again this is coming from a woman who spent the entire 2nd season plugging Zarin Fabrics. It was fun watching Andy Cohen really lay into her, thought he did a great job with the interview. Jill telling people who want to be on the Millionaire Matchmaker to email her, and Andy telling Jill she is not in charge of casting equals Priceless.

Sonja – Moving on to Sonja, the new housewife. Some people were just made for reality television and Sonja is one of those people. She was brutally honest about her love for men and sex, even admitting to having had a sexual relationship with Kelly’s ex, Max. However, as crazy and wild as she was, I didn’t really get her or enjoy her on the show last night. Not sure why, but I just didn’t feel like she made a great piece to the NYC puzzle. Perhaps that will change as the season goes on. Really interested to know what you all thought of her.